Dr. Yael Halaas is a top New York City double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has been seen on The Dr. Oz Show, and has been featured in Women’s Health magazine, giving her expert advice about the most advanced trends in facial rejuvenation.

How can Profound RF make you look younger?

Dr. Halaas, a Profound Luminary, is experienced with using the handheld device to improve the appearance of wrinkles and lift sagging skin all around the jawline and jowl region.

As women and men age, there is volume loss around the cheeks, mouth, and upper neck. Cellulite can appear on the legs and the backs of the thighs. Jowls and double chins can hang low. Crepey skin can creep up in places it never appeared before. Using Profound, Dr. Halaas works to reverse these signs of aging and tighten up the skin.

The Profound treatment can improve the following areas by changing the texture of the skin and restoring elasticity lost due to sun damage, smoking, gravity, sleeping positions, and time:

  • Profound RF energy microneedling can help loose neck skin along with facial skin
  • The heated technology treats the jawline and jowls, tightening lax skin
  • Profound can address double chins
  • It treats cellulite found on the legs
  • Profound RF treats the arms as well
  • This radio-frequency treatment can help redefine the jawline
  • Profound treats parts of the body that suffer from thin and wrinkled skin

How does Profound RF work to restore collagen and elastin?

Profound RF works scientifically by raising the temperature of the elastin and collagen within the skin for a precise time period in order to increase volume in the dermis. During the process, the heat starts a natural process that results in toning and tightening of loose skin.

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Profound can help any patient who is seeking a minimally-invasive and non-surgical way to increase their levels of hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen. They are all important elements in providing elasticity and smoothness to the skin, but all decrease naturally over time. It is an alternative to Botox and dermal fillers, that have a temporary effect.

To discover more about how Profound RF can work to help restore your collagen, elastic and youthful looks, contact our NYC office today at (212) 688-5955 to schedule your consultation with Yael Halaas.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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