Dr. Yael Halaas is committed to providing her patients with the safest and most effective treatments available on the market today. She stays informed of the FDA approval process for notable treatments so that she can be among the first doctors in New York to offer a new treatment to her patients. Recently, she has been monitoring the impending FDA approval of Vollure®, a hyaluronic acid filler in the Juvéderm range, that is expected to be available for use later this year.

Treatment areas

Vollure is uniquely designed to treat the following age-related concerns:

  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet and other fine lines around the eyes
  • Nasolabial lines and folds
  • Vertical lines around the lips (“smokers lines”)
  • Marionette lines

Unique characteristics of Vollure

Each filler in the Juvéderm® range contains a unique formulation of hyaluronic acid, which makes it the perfect treatment for specific problem areas or concerns. Vollure has a medium consistency, which allows it to be injected more superficially than other types of hyaluronic acid fillers. The hyaluronic acid particles in Vollure have also undergone a different type of cross-linking process, which slows the filler’s degradation after it has been injected. The results of Vollure can be maintained for much longer than other Juvéderm fillers. Whereas Juvéderm Ultra typically lasts for 7 – 9 months, Vollure can last up to 15 months.

How Vollure works

Like other products in the Juvéderm® range, Vollure erases fine lines and wrinkles by replenishing lost volume beneath the skin. As we grow older, hyaluronic acid production slows down, and the loss of volume in our skin allows fine lines and wrinkles to become deeper and more noticeable over time. Dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid act like an inflated balloon beneath the skin’s surface, gently lifting the skin to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

A Vollure treatment session lasts less than 30 minutes and the results can be seen right away. Vollure contains Lidocaine, so a separate injection of local anesthetic is rarely required. You can resume all normal activities immediately following treatment.

Are new products safe?

Some of our patients express concerns about receiving injectables that have only recently been approved by the FDA. When you choose to work with Dr. Halaas, you can be confident that only the safest and most effective treatments will be recommended to you. Dr. Halaas carefully considers product data and clinical studies before offering a new product to her New York patients. In addition to knowing that Vollure has undergone rigorous testing to gain FDA approval, you may also find it reassuring to learn that Vollure is already being used by doctors in Europe, where the product is receiving excellent reviews.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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