Dr. Halaas is an outstanding educator as a result of her breadth of understanding of science and technology with other physicians. As an opinion leader in her field, she serves as a keynote speaker at many prestigious events and conventions around the world.


Dr. Halaas discusses and moderates the challenges that could arise with the neck, with a group of talented medical professionals at the ASLMS Conference for 2024 in Baltimore, Maryland.


Dr. Halaas was a keynote speaker at the AAFPRS Rhinoplasty & Facial Rejuvenation. In Orlando, Florida.

IMCAS Event in Paris, France

Dr. Halaas had the opportunity to participate in the International Master Course on Aging Science (IMCAS) held in Paris, a prestigious global conference that focuses on plastic surgery and dermatology.  She was able to unveil EXION, an innovative technology that is revolutionizing the aesthetic industry.


Dr. Halaas was excited to be a part of the launch of EXION at “THE FUTURE OF AGEING AND WELLNESS OPTIMIZATION” event in England. This innovative device marks a significant milestone in advancing aging and wellness practices. EXION has the potential to transform the healthcare industry and bring about a new era of optimized patient well-being. Dr. Halaas was honored to be a part of this transformative experience and look forward to witnessing the positive impact that EXION will have in the field of aging and wellness optimization. 

BAAS Congress in Buenos Aires

Dr. Halaas attended the BAAS Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a distinguished guest. She contributed to the exchange of ideas and advancements in the scientific community.


Dr. Halaas spoke about the science behind Plated at the PLATED event in New York City.

EMFACE Event - Mexico

Dr Halaas visited Mexico where she attended an event and was a keynote speaker discussing EMFACE.

EXION and EMSCULPT Event - Quebec

Dr Halaas travelled to Quebec where she was a key spokesperson talking about EXION and EMSCULPT.

2023 SEME Conference

Dr Halaas presenting on the technology and science behind Emface at SEME {The Sociedad Española de Medicina Estética} in beautiful Malaga, Spain.


Dr Halaas was in Paris for IMCAS, the largest plastic surgery and dermatology conference in the world. This year was especially exciting as Dr Halaas got to present the latest and greatest technology changing the aesthetic world- Emface.

This meeting brings together the greatest minds in plastics and dermatology from all over the world. It is a unique opportunity to collaborate and share expertise in order to bring their patients the best of the best.


Another meeting of great minds in Tel Aviv, Israel for The International Congress on MedicalAesthetics & Anti-Aging. Dr Halaas spoke about the benefits of Softwave for the face and body. It is her passion to share her medical knowledge in order to better serve patients all around the world.

Dr. Halaas speaking


Dr Halaas attended the 13th International Symposium of Facial Plastic Surgery in Washington DC where she was a Program Chair, Committee Chair and Speaker. After many months of meticulous planning, it was incredibly fulfilling to see AAFPRS all come together this weekend. 

EMFACE Launch Event

EMFACE is a groundbreaking technology designed and proven effective with pioneering research by Dr. Yael Halaas who spent more than a year as the lead investigator on this incredible device. Below you can see Dr. Halaas attending the Launch Event where she literally unveiled the new EMFACE device to the world. 

American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Conference in San Diego

Dr. Halaas had another great conference at this year's American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery in San Diego. Being on the cutting edge of science has always been the number one priority to provide our patients with the best care and results, and it all starts here - being immersed in the latest and greatest.  It was wonderful to see all our colleagues from Ben Esti at Lumenis, Dr Karen Herman from El Paso, Amber Edwards and the entire Alastin team!

SFBW 2022 Prestigious Women Awards

Dr Halaas attended the South Florida Business & Wealth Prestigious Women Awards on Wednesday, April 20th. It was a wonderful sit down luncheon, with ample time for high-level networking, women driven vendors, and most of all a celebration of South Florida’s most prestigious women. Dr Halaas said: "it was a pleasure and honor  to be sitting with such accomplished and capable women in the beautiful South Florida region.  I am happy to be able to bring my experience with Science & Beauty to my snowbirds and new patients in the region. Enjoyed spending time  with my team down there. The best quote of the day was: 'Behind every successful woman is a group of talented women.'  Thank you to my wonderful team in NY and Florida. It takes a village."  

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Faculty Teaching Advances in Regenerative Aesthetics!

Dr Halaas recently had the pleasure to serve as faculty, teaching doctors and nurses at the Advances in Regenerative Aesthetics: Strategies to Volumize, Lift, and Renew Facial Tissues on Silhouette Lift with her esteemed colleagues, Dr. David Goldberg and Dr. Paul Lorenc. It is an honor to be part of this club!

Dr. Halaas teaching

Dr. Halaas with friends


Held under the high patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, AMWC is proud to be the world’s leading conference specializing in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Dr. Halaas attended AMWC 2022 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco with the European head of Quantificare, with whom she was able to conduct valuable scientific research.


On a recent trip to Jerusalem, Dr. Halaas spent a day meeting the legendary Shimon Eckhaus, founder of Lumenis, Sofwave, and Syneron. It was amazing to be in Yokneam meeting with innovative teams at Lumenis and Sofwave. She was able to dive deeply into the technologies, help shape the future of aesthetic treatments and work with brilliant minds! ⁠

CME Class

Train your Staff from the comfort of your office with this CME/CE comprehensive offering.


A gathering of over 300 practitioners discussing the HIFEM technology and best practices.  Dr. Halaas specifically discussed the science behind the technology and the unprecedented number of clinical and basic science studies proving the efficacy and safety of the technology including her published research.

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Global Aesthetics Conference

A multispecialty conference of the core, board-certified aesthetic specialties, Dr. Halaas was invited to be faculty again for this annual conference. She discussed cutting-edge treatments for hair rejuvenation, sat on the Master's panel for Clinical Pearls for Aesthetic Practice, and moderated the panel's new technologies session. It was an honor to be faculty, a moderator, and member of the panels.

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This educational conference on laser technology focused on improving physicians' mastery of laser and light-based technologies such as IPL (intense pulsed light), picosecond technology, and Q-switch technology with different wavelengths. Dr. Halaas was honored to serve on the Skin of Color panel and the Combining RF with Laser panel. In addition, Dr. Halaas was able to educate her colleagues, enrich her staff's knowledge and celebrate with them in glorious New York City. 

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