The DermaSculpt Cannula is a blunt-tip atraumatic cannula that avoids traumatizing vessels and nerves in the treatment area and in most cases greatly minimizes or totally eliminates any bruising and/or swelling in areas where injected. Also of particular note, various skin areas (two and even three) can be treated with a single injection. The doctor is able to get to any section of your face and use any filler that would best suit your needs.

Doctors can literally slide the DermaSculpt Cannula beneath a patient’s skin applying filler without the creation of hematomas causing bruising and with no need for anesthesia to the area as it is practically painless.

This revolutionary new DermaSculpt Cannula can precisely target sections of your face not previously easily accessible.

Depressions at the corners of the mouth, cheek, and brow lifts, filling in hollows at your temples and lip augmentation are just some examples of the many areas that can be quickly, painlessly, and effectively rejuvenated and refreshed.

Overwhelmingly positive feedback has been provided by patients who have had treatment with DermaSculpt Cannulas and all report they will never go back to traditional facial filler techniques.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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