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What your plastic surgeon isn’t telling you about liposuction

by Erika | posted on January 3, 2018 »
Liposuction is often touted as the most effective form of plastic surgery to remove unwanted fat. Indeed, there are probably very few people who haven’t heard of the procedure. However, what is it? How does it work? Is it permanent? The answers aren’t so black and white, and may actually surprise you. What is liposuction, and how does it work? Liposuction works by way of an incision being made, and a hollow tube being... Read More

Combating Facial Hair In Women

by Erika | posted on April 3, 2017 »
Although some women may only experience light, thin hair, it is important to note that all women experience some form of unwanted facial hair. For those experiencing an unusually large amount, hirsutism, or the presence of a large amount of facial hair in women, may be the case. The Science Behind Facial Hair in Women There are numerous reasons why women experience unwanted facial hair. Here, we’ve listed five... Read More

Foods High in Antioxidants for Your Skin

by Erika | posted on October 17, 2016 »
Our bodies naturally produce a specific type of atoms called free radicals. These atoms are unbalanced and reactive and, if left unchallenged, can bring about a host of illnesses. Fortunately, we have something to counter their effects – antioxidants. Antioxidants protect us from free radicals in order to keep our body at a natural, balanced state. Although antioxidants are naturally produced in the body, the problem is that our body does... Read More

Confronting and Treating Trichotillomania

by Erika | posted on September 9, 2016 »
Trichotillomania   Trichotillomania is a compulsive behavior characterized by the urge to pull out one’s hair. Symptoms of the disorder usually start at around 13 or 14 and can grow more severe as an individual moves into adulthood. The condition is the... Read More

Beard Restoration with Beard Transplants

by Erika | posted on August 24, 2016 »
  The Full Beard Trend   For the last few years, the trend in men’s fashion has been to say goodbye to the close shave. From medium length facial hair to a heavy, full-length beard, men have embraced the masculine appeal of facial hair. Sometimes referred to as the... Read More

How to Properly Remove Makeup and Sunscreen

by Erika | posted on August 3, 2016 »
It is late, you are just returning from a marathon workday that included a long dinner with a client. You are so exhausted that even thought of anything more involved than a quick splash of water to your face with water seems like a herculean task. It is easy to cut corners after a night out– or even a night in watching Netflix.   Don’t, warns Dr. Yael Halaas, one of New... Read More

Protect Your Hair During the Summer

by Erika | posted on July 26, 2016 »
The beach, the sea, the sun. The relaxing days of summer can be rejuvenating for the soul. But time in the sun and surf can damage the hair and leave it brittle. During the summer, the hair needs some extra care and protection. Here are some tips to keep your locks luxurious during the hottest season. ● Fight the frizz. Hydrate the hair with replenishing conditioner. For curls or hair that tends to be dry, apply a leave-in conditioner to... Read More

Do You Need Multiple Hair Transplants?

by Erika | posted on June 12, 2016 »
A hair transplant can be an excellent way to address baldness and restore hair growth. A popular cosmetic procedure among men, hair transplant surgery can improve density of hair and increase confidence. But what if a single hair transplant does not give the full results?... Read More

The Lip Plumping Trend

by Erika | posted on May 27, 2016 »
The Kylie Jenner Challenge, the DIY lip plumping  social media storm that took hold last year and led to an image stream of distorted lips, alarmed doctors and prompted them to send a clear message: do not try this at home. Kylie Jenner’s fuller lips created speculation about how she achieved the look. The then seventeen-year-old reality television star claimed she did not increase the volume with the help of fillers—so how exactly did... Read More

What’s cooking in the rooms? Acne Scars!

by Hazel | posted on April 29, 2016 »
  What are acne scars? Acne, a chronic inflammatory skin condition, is characterized by blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and deeper lumps (cysts or nodules) that occur on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders and upper arms. Mild acne is classified as... Read More

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