A torn or damaged earlobe can be the result of trauma such as a child pulling on pierced earrings or damage resulting from the continual wearing of heavy pierced earrings that weigh down on the earlobe and result in the piercing being dragged down and enlarging or tearing.

The earlobe consists of soft skin and a small amount of fatty tissue that when damaged can safely and effectively be corrected by cosmetic plastic surgery.

Earlobe repair surgery treatment of diseases of the ears is a specialized training called otolaryngology and this training also includes the nose and throat. A surgical procedure to enhance or restore the appearance of an ear/s is called otoplasty.

Cosmetic surgical repair to the earlobe is performed by initially thoroughly cleansing and preparing the earlobe with a local anesthetic agent and then a small amount of lidocaine is applied to numb the area. Pre-operative sedating medication is available if deemed necessary.

Prior to restoring and repairing the earlobe any scarred or healed damaged tissue is removed. The earlobe is then gently lifted to restore the damaged area and fine sutures are used to close the earlobe restoration. The sutures are placed either in a straight line or zigzag pattern, whichever best suits the closure, and will be barely visible when the earlobe is completely healed.

It should be noted, keloid scarring (abnormal scar tissue that rises above the skin) may develop in individuals prone to this condition. Keloid scars can be treated with steroid injections or surgical excision if steroids are ineffective.

Following the earlobe repair procedure, antibiotic ointment will be applied to the surgical area as directed by the surgeon. The ear can again be pierced after a one-month waiting period or as advised by the surgeon.

If there has been extensive tissue loss, a more complex surgery may be needed and this will be determined and discussed during the initial consultation.

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