The internal nasal valve collapse is the area created by the intersection of the septum (the partition of bone and cartilage between the nasal cavities, the upper lateral cartilage, and the nasal floor).  An area greater than 15 degrees is required for unobstructed breathing.

Restoring the narrowed, compromised area of the internal nose can be done by surgically implanting spreader grafts that strengthen and support the nasal bridge, allowing for uncompromised breathing.

The external nasal valve is variable as it is dependent on the size and shape of the nose.  Each person’s nose is different based on ethnicity. Typically an African nose is flat and wide, an Asian nose tends to be low and wide, a Caucasian nose tends to be narrow and individuals with Hispanic heritage can have any of the above variations.

Dependent on the nature of the breathing problem as well as the size and shape of the nose surgical treatments vary.

Although over-the-counter products such as Breathe Right nasal strips can provide relief of nasal congestion, if there is an anatomical cause this should be addressed by a facial plastic surgeon.

Causes for nasal valve collapse surgery include the anatomy of the nose such as weak cartilage or trauma to the nose or as the result of a previous surgical procedure to the nose.

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Contact Dr. Yael Halaas for a consultation if you are having breathing problems.  Dr. Halaas is a Facial Plastic Surgeon and also specializes in Otolaryngology, the study of conditions and treatments of the ears, nose, and throat.

Dr. Halaas will examine your nose, analyze your breathing difficulties and provide treatment to correct the deformity, whether ethnic or resulting from prior surgery or from trauma, allowing you the comfort of breathing easier.

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