Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic facial surgery procedure on the nose and is performed for many reasons.

People have a rhinoplasty procedure in New York to improve the appearance of their nose – either the one they were born with or as the result of changes that have occurred with the passing of time. Breathing difficulties, as well as trauma to the nose, are also included in the causes for a rhinoplasty procedure.

The type of situation being addressed determines the type and extent of a rhinoplasty procedure, which in turn affects the rhinoplasty recovery period.


  • If packing was placed in the nostrils at the completion of the surgery, it will be removed the next morning. Using the latest techniques to control bleeding, Dr. Halaas avoids the need for packing in almost all cases, maximizing patient comfort.
  • If a nasal splint was placed on the outside of the nose to help retain the new shape while the nose heals, it will remain in place for approximately seven days following the procedure.
  • The gentle application of cold compresses is recommended to assist in the reduction of discomfort and bruising.
  • When lying down keep your head elevated higher than your body to reduce swelling using two-three pillows.
  • Prescription pain medication is available if needed.
  • To prevent infection and excessive swelling, a short course of antibiotics and steroids is prescribed.
  • Two weeks following the rhinoplasty, the majority of bruising will have resolved.
  • After a three-month period, most of the swelling is resolved with the remainder gradually dissipating.
  • Vigorous activities must be avoided for approximately three weeks.
  • Sun exposure must be avoided.
  • If glasses are worn, they should be in such a manner as to avoid putting stress or pressure on the nose.
  • The final outcome will not be evident for 12-24 months.

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Dr. Yael Halaas is a Facial Plastic Surgeon well versed in all aspects of cosmetic and reparative rhinoplasty surgery.

If you are interested in enhancing the appearance of your nose or have a medical concern such as breathing difficulties, call and arrange a consultation with Dr. Halaas.

Dr. Halaas will conduct a thorough examination and provide recommendations for the best possible options utilizing state-of-the-art techniques in conjunction with her expertise to provide a natural-appearing enhancement or correction to your nose.

Dr. Halaas is well-respected within the medical community and is described as one of the top 10 surgeons in her field.

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