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Chin augmentation (mentoplasty) is a surgical procedure that can bring a more harmonious balance between the face and the neck for those with a weak or recessed chin. A “weak chin” is categorized by being placed too far back in the face by a measurement of greater than 2-3 millimeters from the base of the nose to the front of the chin. 

This procedure is often performed in conjunction with a rhinoplasty in order to balance the face and re-adjust facial proportion. For those who are unhappy with their small chin but aren’t yet ready for surgery, Dr. Halaas can also use dermal fillers as a more temporary option.

Candidates for chin augmentation

  • Feel that the chin they were born with is too small
  • Are seeking balance for the area between their face and neck, and want overall facial harmony
  • Have skin under the chin that has lost elasticity and begun to sag as the result of aging or weight loss/gain
  • Want to improve the appearance of the neck and jawline
  • Experience skin drooping when they tilt their head down or the bottom jaw is lowered
  • Are in general good health with realistic expectations for the procedure 

Before & After: Patient Underwent Chin Implant

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What to expect in your chin augmentation consultation

During your consultation with Dr. Halaas, she will go over your personal aesthetic goals to determine the right chin implant for you. You will be shown a chin implant sizer to help with this process. Digital imaging will also play an important role in helping you visualize the changes. By utilizing the latest technology of digital photographic analysis, Dr. Halaas will create an image of how the changes will look from the front and the side of the face. Dr. Halaas will also discuss the option of dermal fillers for you if you’re not quite ready for a surgical procedure.

Before and after

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Safety and efficiency

  • Dr. Halaas uses extensive pre-op preparation to minimize recovery and improve results for all procedures
  • Dr. Halaas uses the most advanced IntraOp® tools
  • Dr. Halaas became an AAAASF OR inspector to be aware of all the standards
  • Dr. Halaas uses the latest (but proven) safety techniques
  •  Dr. Halaas adheres to the entire concept of Science & Beauty, from start to finish

Chin implant with FaceTite™

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What causes a receding chin?

Although a weak (receding, recessed) chin is typically genetic, it may also occur when the bone shrinks with age, or because of some kind of trauma.

What material is used for a chin implant?

Chin implants are made from a synthetic material that feels like natural chin tissue, usually a thin silicone. The implants come in different sizes and shapes for customized fitting, and each has been designed to not migrate. During your consultation with Dr. Halaas, she will show you many options for your chin implant, as it’s a highly customizable procedure.

Is a chin augmentation ever covered by health insurance?

Like most cosmetic procedures, a chin augmentation is not covered by health insurance.

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About chin implants

Chin augmentation surgical details

Surgical chin augmentation is performed with the patient comfortably asleep with a mild IV sedation. A local anesthetic will also be used to numb the surgical area. Dr. Halaas will carefully make an incision either within the mouth or underneath the chin.

Using this incision, she will insert the chin implant that has been chosen during the consultation. Dr. Halaas usually chooses to place the incision under the chin, but this will be determined during the consultation. If chin augmentation is being performed as a stand-alone surgery, it takes 1-3 hours to complete.


After surgical chin augmentation, patients typically experience some swelling and bruising that will begin subsiding in about one week, and should be fully gone after about six weeks. Some feelings of tenderness, pressure, and/or tightness are to be expected after surgery, along with a little trouble chewing. You will be given pain medication to help with the discomfort, and you may be asked to stay on a soft food and liquid diet for a couple of days. Exercising too soon after surgery may increase the time it takes for the swelling to subside. We recommend that you refrain from any type of exercise (especially aerobic) for at least three weeks post-surgery. It’s very important that you take it easy and refrain from bending, lifting, and straining during the healing period. Taking one week off of work is normal for chin augmentation, but if you’re having multiple procedures done at the same time, 2-3 weeks off may be needed.


You will see early results almost immediately as swelling subsides. Although it takes about one year to fully heal from chin augmentation, you should be able to see most of the final results in one month, with final outcome at three months. Results are permanent if your chin augmentation is surgical.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your chin implant, it can be removed. Sometimes individuals simply dislike the results, or the implant can shift in some rare cases. When you work with a surgeon who is as communicative as Dr. Halaas, this should never be a problem. Dr. Halaas takes the time to go over every detail in explaining how your results will appear in order to give you the best idea possible about what your finalized chin will look like. Therefore, chin augmentation revision is very rare.

Dermal fillers for chin augmentation

Dermal fillers make an excellent alternative to surgical chin augmentation for patients who aren’t ready for surgery or who may just want to “try out” having a more prominent chin.

Fillers such as Restylane® or Juvéderm® are great for non-surgical chin augmentation. These fillers last for six months, but can be dissolved if the patient decides the look isn’t right.

Radiesse® is another option (it lasts for one year), or Sculptra® (lasts for two years). These each are great options for those who want to see what a stronger chin may look like before having surgery. 

Written by Dr. Halaas

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