Lip reduction is a cosmetic surgical procedure to reshape the lips. Oversized lips can interfere with speech patterns, create an unbalanced appearance to the entire face, or can even be disproportionate to each other.

Some of the reasons individuals seek lip reduction surgery are:

  • Individuals who have had trauma to their lips that was surgically repaired as the result of an accident as well as burn victims can develop scarring or uneven healing of the lips.
  • Individuals who have had lip augmentation surgery that did not create an attractive result and their lips appear disproportionate to the rest of their facial features.
  • Oversized lips can affect eating, speaking, and appearance.
  • Individuals born with lip deformities.

When lip reduction surgery is performed it is important to include in the determining factors ethnicity and gender as much as the patient’s desired outcome.

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In lip reduction surgery in NYC, an incision is made where the outer lip meets the inner part of the mouth. Small sections of tissue or inappropriate previously placed implants are removed from inside the lip/s to create the desired effect and incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures.

Immediately following lip reduction surgery, swelling will be apparent but this will resolve over a few days. Ice to the area will help relieve the swelling and a soft diet should be initially maintained. The final results of lip reduction surgery will not be evident for approximately one month.

Lip reduction surgery is typically performed in the office on an outpatient basis.

Dr. Yael Halaas is a prominent female Facial Plastic Surgeon with an office conveniently located in New York City’s Midtown. She is licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey.

If you have concerns, problems, or questions about the appearance of your lips, contact Dr. Halaas’ office for an appointment.

Dr. Halaas will discuss with you what you expect regarding the final outcome of lip reduction surgery after conducting a thorough examination and provide exemplary, undetectable, ethnically appropriate, natural-appearing results.

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