About the Local Lift 

The Local Lift is a minimally invasive procedure, similar to a mini facelift, that has become very popular among individuals who want to minimize the procedure involvement, yet want to see significant results that last a long time. This procedure earns its name because it can be performed under local anesthesia, which is a big advantage for patients who are concerned about anesthesia risks. The Local Lift is perfect for those who want to improve signs of aging on the face and neck, and achieve a natural-looking, younger, refreshed appearance. Dr. Halaas has over 17 years of experience as a board-certified facial plastic surgeon and has performed over 1000 lifts under local anesthesia.

Why choose a Local Lift?

Everyone has to contend with visibly aging facial skin. Along with the natural loss of elasticity, people will experience issues like wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes. The sun also does a lot of damage to the skin, as does smoking — and unfortunately, some people also inherit facial skin problems. As we age, our skin also begins to sag around the face and neck. Because of all these reasons, a Local Lift may be an excellent option.

What to expect in your consultation

When you meet with Dr. Halaas, she will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. She treats every patient like family or a friend, and it’s her goal to truly understand your aesthetic goals, lifestyle, and downtime requirements in order to determine the right procedure for you. She will work closely with you from both a personal and aesthetic perspective to achieve the results you want. She will go over all options with you, walk you through the procedure and recovery process, and examine your face. With all the information, she will create a treatment plan just for you. 

I am a regular of Dr. Halaas for 10 years, and she is the best. When I met her, I knew she was not treating me like just another patient. She is very experienced and caring. I have never had an uncomfortable experience. They are not pushy, and very discreet. I am very happy to have them take care of me.

Alice G.

Commonly done with a Local Lift

Recovery from a Local Lift

The Local Lift requires a wrap to be worn for one week, and the sutures will also be removed after one week. You will have follow-up visits with Dr. Halaas at one month, three months, six months, and one year. Patients pay resume full workout routines three weeks post-surgery.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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