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“Dr. Halaas and her staff gave me that confidence to correct an undefined chin and unsightly bags under my eyes. By taking the time to explain in detail how different procedures would be completed and the expectations I should assume for each, Dr. Halaas went above and beyond. Friends of mine have used other surgeons, and all I hear is that they have too much of an artificial expression. Me? Every day I get a compliment about how I look relaxed and refreshed. The team of professionals at Dr. Halaas’ office is a unique group that has had a full understanding of my surgeries and has guided me through the recuperation process. I can’t even tell you how much they have exceeded my expectations. I can’t even say enough good things about them. There’s too many!”

“I am so glad my doctor recommended Dr. Halaas. She is very caring and very professional. Her welcoming staff and clean, discrete office is exactly what I needed. I had a face lift done and Dr. Halaas took the time to answer each and every one of my questions. Many of my friends made the switch to Dr. Halaas. Why? Just look at me! I am perfect!”

“This is the best doctor I have ever been to. Not only does she care and answer all your questions truthfully, but my results have been amazing. I had a neck lift, facial filler and some laser treatments. Now I can say I look better, younger and receive more compliments than I have had in the last 6 years. No one can believe my age, and my secret is Dr. Halaas. She is an artist, a skilled surgeon and a pleasure to know.”

“Dr. Halaas operated on me in 2007 with tremendous success. She listened to my concerns, prepared me for the procedure, suggested alternative medicines, and the results were beyond my expectations. Since the procedure I am what you would call a regular. I have had some nips and tucks, and the staff, as always, is very attentive in remembering our previous encounters and conversations. They make me feel great, because they always give me 100% attention. I love the new office too. I have recommended Dr. Halaas in the past and will do so in the future. Because of her skill and talent, she allows me to grow older gracefully.”

“Dr. Halaas and her staff are very friendly and approachable. They are all very good, caring, gentle, calm and professional. Dr. Halaas’ clinic is a very modern and clean environment. I had a mini face lift with Dr. Halaas and I’m very happy with the results. She has a true gift. She understood my needs and explained every step thoroughly. The results were beyond my expectations. The extraordinary support of her staff post-opt was an added bonus! I love visiting her office since it’s so pleasant. I recommend Dr. Halaas and her staff to everyone.”

“Dr. Halaas is amazing. She is kind, reassuring and very understanding of the difficult choices we have to make in order to change the way we look and feel about ourselves. She provided the best eyelid surgery for me, and it has made an incredible difference in my life. She is the best! Don’t go to anyone else.”

“Dr. Halaas is a great surgeon. Her practice is extraordinary; she helped me regain my confidence. Thanks!”

“Dr. Halaas was a dream-come-true! For us concerned about hair loss, her staff members are like angles. I had absolutely nothing to worry about as they all were very nurturing and conscientious. They gave me the best advice how to go about the procedure. This was my first time seeing Dr. Halaas, and my first impression upon meeting her for a consultation was very down to earth. She was caring, being a great listener and very interested in my concerns. She explained exactly what my options were and what to expect. She made sure she answered all my questions. As a guy concerned about my hair because of the line of work I am in, she made me feel very comfortable and completely at ease. Her staff impressed me by how experienced they were. They made the experience very relaxing and comfortable and made sure I got home ok. It was like as if I had my family members taking care of me. I am extremely grateful for that, it’s hard to find an ideal situation like that with any doctor and staff. She is by far the best experience I’ve ever had with any doctor. I had one hair procedure before with another doctor, but I chose Dr. Halaas for my second because she made me feel at ease. She is the best and had great reviews. I’m extremely glad I did with her because she made my hair look natural and as awesome as it did when I was a teenager. She’s awesome and my results are perfect. I can’t say it enough, but I am extremely grateful to her and her staff. I wholeheartedly recommend her. If you are a male looking for a hair surgeon and reading this, you HAVE FOUND your doctor. You will be happy you consulted her!”

Non-Surgical Patient Reviews

“Dr. Halaas’ fillers are by far the best I’ve had. I am so pleased with my results, that I see her constantly trying out a variety of other services she has. Her staff is kind and knowledgeable, and I’m thrilled to have found them!”

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Halaas and her staff. Dr. Halaas is an extremely knowledgeable doctor, and you couldn’t ask for a more expert doctor to trust with your face! Her patient coordinator Audrey is amazing too, she takes time to carefully explain various procedures and how you would benefit. I have gone to Dr. Halaas for Botox, fillers and the CO2 Laser skin resurfacing. My results have always been flawless, and her staff made me feel at home. They are the most caring and compassionate people. I cannot thank them enough. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Halaas!”

“I have known Dr. Halaas for five years, and I travel from Connecticut just to see her! Not only do I trust her expertise, but she is such a pleasure to know. Being in my mid-fifties, I suddenly could no longer look at my face in the mirror without seeing how unhappy I’d become with age–especially my jawline. Dr. Halaas helped restore a youthful natural look without a facelift. She recommended a filler called Sculptra, and I agreed. It appealed to me because it is a sugar-based substance that is safe, lasts 2 years, and promotes collagen production. The results have made me, I swear, look fifteen years younger. Dr. Halaas is equipped with the latest procedures and products, her procedures are affordable, her office is easily accessible, and her hours are very accommodating. The entire staff is genuine, and happy to share their own experiences. You will feel a truly caring environment the first minute you meet Dr. Halaas.”

“I have known Dr. Halaas for at least a decade, and over the years I have had Botox and Restylane fillers. The results have always been beautiful, and look all natural! Last year, I decided to have the Fractional CO2 Laser of the face and neck for the first time. I couldn’t be happier. The texture of my skin is smoother and suppler. There was a significant overall improvement in my face. The procedure was painless with minor discomfort the following few days. I am so pleased with the entire experience. Dr. Halaas is a wonderful, skilled plastic surgeon who immediately put me at ease. The staff was kind and reassuring, with excellent follow-up I might add. It is now a full year later and I am still so happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Halaas and Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing procedure.”

“I have been a long time patient of Dr. Yael Halaas and love her personalized service. I had surgical and cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Halaas with wonderful results. I will never trade her in for another doctor. She is the most knowledgeable, caring and skillful doctor I have ever known. Dr. Halaas is a perfectionist with an artistic eye and outstanding surgical and cosmetic injector skills for sculpting the most beautiful faces. She carefully listens to patient’s concerns and needs, and spends time to discuss in great detail about what can/should be done to achieve a desired result. Dr. Yael Halaas is someone you can trust 100%.”

“I have been a regular seeing Dr. Halaas for about 10 years now, and, if the amount of years wasn’t a sign, she is the best! I’ve tried others before, but when I met her, she treated me like a human being! She is very experienced and caring. Her staff is very friendly and you feel appreciated to be there. I have never had an uncomfortable experience. They are never pushy. I am very happy to have them take care of me.”

“I went to see Dr. Halaas for a consultation, and, after she took her time to explain what was bothering me and how she can correct it, it was like a revelation. How had I not seen her before?! She, and her staff, is very approachable and it was very comfortable to talk about the different procedures. More importantly: I am LOVING the results. The office is beautiful and accommodating. Finally, I have found my place for cosmetic needs.”

“I first came to see Dr. Halaas from out of town. I was recommended by a friend. I was very happy with my results, so happy that I keep coming back to see her when I am in New York. She injected me with Botox and I looked younger and more relaxed. She also explained to me, based on my age, I was able to possibly get an eyebrow lift, which I did and it looks amazing. Dr. Halaas also injected me with Juvederm and I was impressed again with how much younger I look. The results were instant with Juvederm. Her staff was great too. For example, I had questions about traveling back a few days later after the procedures, and I was very pleased with the level of knowledge her staff had about how procedures might result beyond the office. Dr. Halaas being as warm and inviting was huge bonus. What a gorgeous office. I highly recommend Dr. Halaas to my friends.”

Google Reviews

Jennifer Ferguson
a month ago
Eric is the best! I have been seeing him for years for facial treatments and microneedling, and there is no one else that I would trust with my skin. Eric is highly skilled and blends his years of critical care nursing, intuition, and deep knowledge of aesthetics into his work.
When I first came to him, my skin and eyes looked tired and dull. Hearing others say I looked exhausted or asking if I got enough sleep was discouraging and frustrating. Eric helped me to establish a personalized skincare plan. He respected my desire to do the least amount of work needed and use the most natural approaches. The results have far exceeded my expectations, and my skin is FRESH! What I love the most about Eric is that he knows just what's right for my skin, never overdoing it but bringing just the perfect "little tweaks" that help to enhance my natural beauty and have me shining as much on the outside as I am on the inside. Thank you , Eric!

Mr. B Kay
4 weeks ago
Natural Looking Results: I recently wanted to freshen up my looks.
Had 4 sessions of EmFace and a pair of threads. EmFace lifted my cheeks and forehead while leaning my jawline. The threads lifted jawline and lower face. Results are noticeable while looking completely natural.
Jonathan was also wonderful throughout the 4 weeks process arranging my appointments and walking me through everything.

b b
5 months ago
I get threads done once a year. The first two times was with another practitioner. This time I really wanted Dr Halaas to do it. From start to finish I cannot begin to describe the difference in my experience. Her MA, crystal is amazing and has the perfect calm demeanor in the room, which with my anxiety… I needed and appreciated. Dr Halaas technique was so flawless, to be honest the most uncomfortable part this time was the injected local lidocaine (spicy sensation) otherwise she was quick, and efficient and even with swelling and minor bruises I’m already so happy with the improvement And immediate lift I have. My nasal labial folds are reduced by half and my cheeks/jawline is contoured and snatched. I would recommend this to anyone. She is a seamstress wizard, and talented. I will continue to do this once a year! Thank you Yael!

4 months ago
Searched high and low for a plastic surgeon and eventually settled on Dr. Halaas, largely in part to Jonathan being so easy to deal with in setting up virtuals, pre op, scheduling, etc etc. In the end, I am extremely happy with my procedures (lipoma removed from the back of my head which was extremely invasive and fillers in the cheeks and chin). I will return for laser, fillers, etc etc. Cannot wait to see the new office!

4 months ago
Dr Yael is not only very professional and skilled, but she is a kind and calm person. She makes you feel and look good. Everyone in the practice is so nice.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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