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“Dr. Halaas and her staff gave me that confidence to correct an undefined chin and unsightly bags under my eyes. By taking the time to explain in detail how different procedures would be completed and the expectations I should assume for each, Dr. Halaas went above and beyond. Friends of mine have used other surgeons, and all I hear is that they have too much of an artificial expression. Me? Every day I get a compliment about how I look relaxed and refreshed. The team of professionals at Dr. Halaas’ office is a unique group that has had a full understanding of my surgeries and has guided me through the recuperation process. I can’t even tell you how much they have exceeded my expectations. I can’t even say enough good things about them. There’s too many!”

“I am so glad my doctor recommended Dr. Halaas. She is very caring and very professional. Her welcoming staff and clean, discrete office is exactly what I needed. I had a face lift done and Dr. Halaas took the time to answer each and every one of my questions. Many of my friends made the switch to Dr. Halaas. Why? Just look at me! I am perfect!”

“This is the best doctor I have ever been to. Not only does she care and answer all your questions truthfully, but my results have been amazing. I had a neck lift, facial filler and some laser treatments. Now I can say I look better, younger and receive more compliments than I have had in the last 6 years. No one can believe my age, and my secret is Dr. Halaas. She is an artist, a skilled surgeon and a pleasure to know.”

“Dr. Halaas operated on me in 2007 with tremendous success. She listened to my concerns, prepared me for the procedure, suggested alternative medicines, and the results were beyond my expectations. Since the procedure I am what you would call a regular. I have had some nips and tucks, and the staff, as always, is very attentive in remembering our previous encounters and conversations. They make me feel great, because they always give me 100% attention. I love the new office too. I have recommended Dr. Halaas in the past and will do so in the future. Because of her skill and talent, she allows me to grow older gracefully.”

“Dr. Halaas and her staff are very friendly and approachable. They are all very good, caring, gentle, calm and professional. Dr. Halaas’ clinic is a very modern and clean environment. I had a mini face lift with Dr. Halaas and I’m very happy with the results. She has a true gift. She understood my needs and explained every step thoroughly. The results were beyond my expectations. The extraordinary support of her staff post-opt was an added bonus! I love visiting her office since it’s so pleasant. I recommend Dr. Halaas and her staff to everyone.”

“Dr. Halaas is amazing. She is kind, reassuring and very understanding of the difficult choices we have to make in order to change the way we look and feel about ourselves. She provided the best eyelid surgery for me, and it has made an incredible difference in my life. She is the best! Don’t go to anyone else.”

“Dr. Halaas is a great surgeon. Her practice is extraordinary; she helped me regain my confidence. Thanks!”

“Dr. Halaas was a dream-come-true! For us concerned about hair loss, her staff members are like angles. I had absolutely nothing to worry about as they all were very nurturing and conscientious. They gave me the best advice how to go about the procedure. This was my first time seeing Dr. Halaas, and my first impression upon meeting her for a consultation was very down to earth. She was caring, being a great listener and very interested in my concerns. She explained exactly what my options were and what to expect. She made sure she answered all my questions. As a guy concerned about my hair because of the line of work I am in, she made me feel very comfortable and completely at ease. Her staff impressed me by how experienced they were. They made the experience very relaxing and comfortable and made sure I got home ok. It was like as if I had my family members taking care of me. I am extremely grateful for that, it’s hard to find an ideal situation like that with any doctor and staff. She is by far the best experience I’ve ever had with any doctor. I had one hair procedure before with another doctor, but I chose Dr. Halaas for my second because she made me feel at ease. She is the best and had great reviews. I’m extremely glad I did with her because she made my hair look natural and as awesome as it did when I was a teenager. She’s awesome and my results are perfect. I can’t say it enough, but I am extremely grateful to her and her staff. I wholeheartedly recommend her. If you are a male looking for a hair surgeon and reading this, you HAVE FOUND your doctor. You will be happy you consulted her!”

Non-Surgical Patient Reviews

“Dr. Halaas’ fillers are by far the best I’ve had. I am so pleased with my results, that I see her constantly trying out a variety of other services she has. Her staff is kind and knowledgeable, and I’m thrilled to have found them!”

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Halaas and her staff. Dr. Halaas is an extremely knowledgeable doctor, and you couldn’t ask for a more expert doctor to trust with your face! Her patient coordinator Audrey is amazing too, she takes time to carefully explain various procedures and how you would benefit. I have gone to Dr. Halaas for Botox, fillers and the CO2 Laser skin resurfacing. My results have always been flawless, and her staff made me feel at home. They are the most caring and compassionate people. I cannot thank them enough. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Halaas!”

“I have known Dr. Halaas for five years, and I travel from Connecticut just to see her! Not only do I trust her expertise, but she is such a pleasure to know. Being in my mid-fifties, I suddenly could no longer look at my face in the mirror without seeing how unhappy I’d become with age–especially my jawline. Dr. Halaas helped restore a youthful natural look without a facelift. She recommended a filler called Sculptra, and I agreed. It appealed to me because it is a sugar-based substance that is safe, lasts 2 years, and promotes collagen production. The results have made me, I swear, look fifteen years younger. Dr. Halaas is equipped with the latest procedures and products, her procedures are affordable, her office is easily accessible, and her hours are very accommodating. The entire staff is genuine, and happy to share their own experiences. You will feel a truly caring environment the first minute you meet Dr. Halaas.”

“I have known Dr. Halaas for at least a decade, and over the years I have had Botox and Restylane fillers. The results have always been beautiful, and look all natural! Last year, I decided to have the Fractional CO2 Laser of the face and neck for the first time. I couldn’t be happier. The texture of my skin is smoother and suppler. There was a significant overall improvement in my face. The procedure was painless with minor discomfort the following few days. I am so pleased with the entire experience. Dr. Halaas is a wonderful, skilled plastic surgeon who immediately put me at ease. The staff was kind and reassuring, with excellent follow-up I might add. It is now a full year later and I am still so happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Halaas and Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing procedure.”

“I have been a long time patient of Dr. Yael Halaas and love her personalized service. I had surgical and cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Halaas with wonderful results. I will never trade her in for another doctor. She is the most knowledgeable, caring and skillful doctor I have ever known. Dr. Halaas is a perfectionist with an artistic eye and outstanding surgical and cosmetic injector skills for sculpting the most beautiful faces. She carefully listens to patient’s concerns and needs, and spends time to discuss in great detail about what can/should be done to achieve a desired result. Dr. Yael Halaas is someone you can trust 100%.”

“I have been a regular seeing Dr. Halaas for about 10 years now, and, if the amount of years wasn’t a sign, she is the best! I’ve tried others before, but when I met her, she treated me like a human being! She is very experienced and caring. Her staff is very friendly and you feel appreciated to be there. I have never had an uncomfortable experience. They are never pushy. I am very happy to have them take care of me.”

“I went to see Dr. Halaas for a consultation, and, after she took her time to explain what was bothering me and how she can correct it, it was like a revelation. How had I not seen her before?! She, and her staff, is very approachable and it was very comfortable to talk about the different procedures. More importantly: I am LOVING the results. The office is beautiful and accommodating. Finally, I have found my place for cosmetic needs.”

“I first came to see Dr. Halaas from out of town. I was recommended by a friend. I was very happy with my results, so happy that I keep coming back to see her when I am in New York. She injected me with Botox and I looked younger and more relaxed. She also explained to me, based on my age, I was able to possibly get an eyebrow lift, which I did and it looks amazing. Dr. Halaas also injected me with Juvederm and I was impressed again with how much younger I look. The results were instant with Juvederm. Her staff was great too. For example, I had questions about traveling back a few days later after the procedures, and I was very pleased with the level of knowledge her staff had about how procedures might result beyond the office. Dr. Halaas being as warm and inviting was huge bonus. What a gorgeous office. I highly recommend Dr. Halaas to my friends.”

Google Reviews

Raquelle N.
a month ago
Thank you Micheline at Dr. Halaas office for your knowledge of the options in my endless quest of aging skin concerns. I appreciate your time and feedback with the many questions I always have. You are a Gem in this industry!

I also had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Halaas, who checked in on my skin to give her feedback.

I was happy to meet Sharona, who’s in-depth recommendations helped me decide what route to take and appreciated the detailed step by step of what I would feel as she conducted the treatment. I felt calm & relieved that I was prepared for what it would feel like.

As of yesterday, I have completed my 3rd treatment with Sharona & am delighted with what I see and feel so far. Thankful to have been in the “best hands” in the skin-care industry.

I absolutely will return for future treatments knowing I would be in “great hands” in this office. Also, Shelby at the front desk, who is so kind and was so helpful with my Alle points program.

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Ian Chaikin
7 months ago
I can’t say enough about Dr. Halaas and her staff. They were professional and friendly and made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in. The consultation was informative and comforting. I was educated about the procedure and my questions were answered patiently and concisely. I didn’t feel pressured and definitely did not get the sense of pushy salesmanship. I am beyond satisfied and highly recommend Dr. Halaas. Top notch doctor with a fantastic staff.
Elia Tarrio
3 months ago
Awesome results/work; awesome people as well: both Dr. Halaas and staff impressed as knowledgeable, warm, friendly, professional.
Marcelle G.
7 months ago
Dr. Halaas was able to accommodate me for an emergency and I am extremely grateful. She was highly recommended by a friend who is a fellow surgeon, and I could not be happier with the referral. She takes her time to explain everything thoroughly and does not try to over treat. I must also add that her staff is very friendly and wonderful to work with. Thank you!
Leanne Smith
5 months ago
This business is wonderful. All of the women here treat you with respect, and would not steer you in the wrong way to simply make a dollar, they’re honest in what they suggest. Going here was a wonderful experience for sure!!
Andrew Michaels
7 months ago
Very intelligent, board certified cosmetic surgeon that is able to help clients reach their goals. Also has a line of cosmeceutical products and speaks at conventions around the world.
Gladi Shirazi
a year ago
Dr. Halaas, Priscilla and her medical staff are the best! So helpful and kind. Her office exemplifies the highest standard of patient care. Thank you Dr. !
Rosemarie Cohen
a year ago
As soon as you walk in the door until the time you leave Dr.Halass and her staff make your experiences in her office a excellent one. When I leave the office I feel great look great & I’m always thrilled with my results.
Jenny Wang
3 months ago
Her staff is very professional and friendly.
Rich Cruz
a year ago
Unpleasant experience with Dr. Halaas, does not follow up with patients, was treated unfair, no patient care what’s so ever, Do not let her sweetness fool you! Needs new staff make over! Botox does not last long, they tremendously dilute the Botox! If you tell her how you feel her assistant Priscilla will role her eyes and storm out the Operatory room, office is just one big joke...front desk receptionist wants to rush you off the phone, Dr. Hallas do us all a huge favor and please retire!
Lana Goldenberg
a year ago
I like my new look after the surgery! The Doc, Halaas and the staff in the office are very professional and friendly. Will tell about my great experience to all my girlfriends!
a year ago
Dr Halaas and Priscilla are truly gems! The Dr has Amazing bedside manner that makes you feel warm welcomed. They answer every question. Theyre caring and take they're time to be sure you have the right proceedure that will give you the best results. They never push anything on you. I had a reaction to my numbing cream and Priscilla and Dr Halaas worked quickly to get me the help I needed. They followed up and made sure I was ok. Regarding the other staff- I can't say the same. The woman who is responsible for finance is cold and seems indifferent to the patients. When she does speak, it's as if your disturbing her and she has better things shed rather be doing. I wanted to apply for care credit, she never even got back to me. I had to apply on my own. Theres also another lady with a dry, bland facial expression (not sure her position because she never introduced herself) who walks around with a fake half-smile and looks you over then walks away. I truly don't think she has said as much as hello to me on any visit- not that it mattered much to me. Nonetheless, I'm super happy with my implant! I will definitely be back! I'd recommend Dr Halaas to anyone looking for reasonable prices and superb work!
2 years ago
Excellent results on upper eyelid surgery. Dr. Yael's bedside manners are incredibly professional and caring. I highly recommend her for any aesthetic procedure.
a year ago
I am not one to typically write a review however, I can't say enough about Dr. Halaas and her staff. I had an amazing experience at her office. She is beyond talented and has years of experience. I had botox done on my forehead and around my eyes and I look much younger. I will be sending all my friends to her office!
luz whetstone
2 years ago
I love everything about the staff and the center. They are super friendly, gently, and skilled. my lip injections were painless and look very natural
Noël Hingston
7 years ago
In this vastly growing and competitive arena it is truly rare to find the combination of expertise, talent, honesty, and compassion. As someone who has personally worked in the cosmetic field among excellent physicians, and surgeons, and I feel 100% confident in referring anyone and everyone to Dr. Halaas. Immediately, I was welcomed by her genuinely warm and professional personality. In our first appointment she did not hesitate in making me feel that I would be treated first as a person, and second as someone looking for help, not only cosmetically, but clinically as well. If you are looking for someone you can trust to give you the utmost treatment satisfaction and ensuring positive results, look no a consult! You will not be disappointed. Thank you to the staff as well, I love walking in and feeling recognized!
3 years ago
I did a few treatments and each experience was great. Very friendly staff. Jessica took care of my hydrafacial and Vanquish treatment. She was very attentive to my skin concerns and best of all, my skin felt clean and radiant the next day! I will definitely go back and continue my beauty regimen with them.
Erika Pegg
7 years ago
Truly an artist! I had previously seen Dr. Halaas on Dr. Oz and was amazed to see her work. Her demeanor is very humbling and she's a trustworthy Doctor. After seeing many other surgeon's work, hands downs she is the best I have seen. Very natural looking results and effective treatments.
Vanessa Hollingshead
2 years ago
I have researched many Doctors on Google, (hours) and also researched the thread lift procedures, and the various doctor credentials." I also saw some of the complications, from less experienced doctors. I did not want just anyone to do a "thread lift." There were some less expensive doctors, but Dr. Halaas actually taught doctors how to do this procedure. And financially she was incredibly reasonable. She was also a female doctor and worked only on the face and was double board certified. Her staff was amazing and professional, putting me right at ease. Dr. Halaas understood every concern I had. I felt like I was the most important person in the room. Her manner was kind and professional. I didn't want to have that "filler" look, and was not ready to have a face lift, nor could I afford it. She gave me 3 sets of "threads." and there was little to no bruising. No one knew what I had done, but everyone commented, "How do you look so good?" I am 58. I said, "I saw Dr. Halaas and would recommend her to anyone, if you just want to look refreshed, and completely natural, I feel like 5 years were taken off. I will also see her for any future Silhouette Thread lifts I get done, should I need a touch up in a year or so. There is not anyone else I would go to. And even if doctors charge "less" you will get "less" and your face might not look normal, as I have seen. I have told several of my friends, and have suggested to them, that instead of expensive face creams, that don't last, or "over filling" and having that "puffy face" which I personally think makes you look older and "different" not better. I told them to consider a Silhouette Thread Lift, and if not sure, at the very least to meet Dr. Halaas for a free consultation. I am so happy with my face. I am a performer, and it looking great is part of my business. And as you get older it becomes even more important. It certainly has helped me feel more confident and attractive, way more than an expensive outfit, or a week at a spa. Sincerely, Vanessa Hollingshead
Melanie K
4 years ago
From my very first consultation, through my surgery, and up until this point, Dr. Halaas and her entire practice as a whole made me feel very comfortable. I was able to walk in and explain to them what was making me feel self-continuous without feeling unconfortable. I was able to see all of my options and get honest advice on what my next steps should be. I am extremely satisfied with the way the procedure went and how everything turned out. I will definitely be recommending her to anyone and everyone. The environment and staff is incredible!
Tania Perez
5 years ago
I am an R.N. who has worked in the operating room for over 25 years and have seen my share of plastic surgeons. Dr.Halaas is a true artist. She is very professional and a great surgeon.So it was obvious to me to choose her for my surgery. She did my upper eyelid surgery. I am beyond happy. She is truly a gem!!!
Luz Whetstone
2 years ago
Nurse Injector Christy Adams, RN injected my lips. it was painless and she is amazing. my lips look very natural and I have very little swelling and no pain a day later
Vera Kolovic
3 years ago
Dr. Halaas and her entire team are amazing. She's professional and amiable. I always walk out feeling great.
Sylvia Ciapinska
2 years ago
I used Dr. Halaas for botox and fillers. She is a master injector. She is very gentle, I had no bruising or swelling. She assessed my face and recommended the fillers to the areas that needed to be corrected for a symmetrical result. Very pleased with my results. I also enjoyed the hydrafacial that is offered in this spa. Leaves my skin feeling and looking refreshed. This summer has been great thanks to the hair laser treatments I had done here.
Marina Negreskul
2 years ago
Several years ago I did my eye surgery with Yael Halaas.I was amazed with what she has done with my face , however I did not want to leave any feedback until I see the result or any changes a couple of years later. I look at my face now and I strongly recommend her for several reasons. first of all she Did not push me into the surgery when I came for consultations, no sales pitch !!!! She was extremely down to earth . I had to come there several times before the surgery - all the girls knew who I was and they were very very frendly , nice and kind. Also what I found very comfortable is that my surgery was in her Office and not in the hospital. When I went on consultation with other doctors, on Park Avenue “of course “, None of their offices were equipped to do the surgery and they were not able to take pictures !!! Before the surgery you must take pictures of your face and bring it to the doctor . Well at Yale Halaas office they did all that for me - basically - everything was PERFECT. Paying separately to the hospital in addition to paying for the surgery, plus running around taking pictures was a requirement with all the other doctors that I met. AND OMG - she took a credit card . All other offices took ONLY CASH !!!! I strongly recommend her and her office
Parker Stevens
4 years ago
Dr Halaas is amazing. She really listens to your concerns - for as long as it takes! She is super detail oriented and careful. Her results are natural. I would highly recommend her!
Mich Weber
2 years ago
I’ve been using Dr. Halaas for several years. She and her entire staff are incredibly warm, patient and professional. Dr. Halaas is committed to helping you achieve the best you possible. She is knowledgeable and incredible at her craft. Dr. Halaas is an artist with Botox and filler. I get constant compliments on my youthful and perfect skin. She and her staff are responsive. Her office is beautiful and feels more like a spa than a medical office. I Can’t reccomend her enough.
Loretta A
4 years ago
The wait used to be very long: more than an hour. It has improved. Dr. Halaas does a very good , subtle job. Very natural looking work.
Ahmed ny
2 years ago
If I could give Dr.Halas 1000 stars I would have done that!!
I had a surgery with Dr.Halas, and she was the best doctor ever. She spent alot of time listening to my concerns, and answering all of my questions, The day before the surgery she made sure that I am comfortable and asked me if I had any questions, and after the surgery I had ZERO pain, ZERO discomfort, the surgery was so successful,smooth and easy going that I did not even feel that I had been through any surgery.
I am still in a recovery period, but I can see that the results are awesome.
The results of the surgery were my dream and she made my dream come true.
She is honest, talented, friendly and attentive.
I will definitely recommend her to anyone and everyone.
Colorado Native
Elle Henderson
3 years ago
The services Dr. Halaas offers are second to none and the staff is incredibly professional. I highly recommend visiting her office!
Annette Ayuso
7 years ago
I have been coming to Dr. Halaas for about 3 years now. She is amazing. Every time I leave her office, I feel great. After a few days my face looks amazing. I highly recommend her.
Victor Sho
2 years ago
My experience in Dr. Yael Halaas office was nothing but amazing. Her staff is super helpful and kind. Rachel is a genius, providing exceptional treatments to enhance your skin on your face. She did HyrdaFacial, PRP, and Aerolase that worked wonders for my skin.  I also did Emsculpt and Vanquish with Jess and Priscilla.  The process was seamless with great results.
elva ruiz
2 years ago
Went for my first time last week for my lip fillers. As soon as you walked into the office I felt comfortable. Super clean and trendy office. Dr. Halaas and the staff were so friendly and professional. She took her time and her hands were so steady. I really like a full natural look. Best part is that her office allowed me to only use 70% of the juvaderm and come back in 2 weeks to use the rest if I want fuller lips. This is my 2nd year doing lip fillers and I highly recommend her. I wish I would've found her sooner. Im so happy with my results and I will definitely be back.
Norman Cohen
2 years ago
I had laser hair removal with Dr. Halaas and her staff, and cannot recommend them more highly.

I started with a free consult where Dr. Halaas explained how the laser works, how many sessions would be required for optimal results (six) and why (hair growth cycles), went over after-care and what results I could expect to see.

One thing I was nervous about was the pain. I had gone to a consult elsewhere previously and when the technician did a tiny sample spot so I could see what it feels like, it hurt so much I couldn't even stand her finishing one square inch. It literally felt like someone was holding a flame to my skin.

But Dr. Halaas assured me that would not be the case at her office. She gave me some prescription strength numbing cream before we started. Yes, it meant that I had to sit wrapped in saran-wrap for an hour before we got started, but trust me IT IS WORTH IT.

After the hour, Dr. Halaas programmed the settings on the machine herself and began the treatment personally to make sure I could handle the discomfort. She assured me if it was still painful with the cream I could opt for some pronox (laughing gas) as well, but the cream was so effective it really wasn't necessary. I won't pretend it was altogether pleasurable, but it really made the whole experience more than tolerable. It just felt like an odd prickling sensation that was perfectly bearable.

After making sure I was comfortable, Dr. Halaas handed the treatment over to Jessica the tech to finish. My following sessions were all with Jessica and I cannot say enough good things. She is thorough, incredibly nice, made me feel very comfortable, answered any and all questions I had and gave me excellent tips for post-treatment care. My skin, though not painful at all, got very red for about 48 hours after each treatment. 100% aloe helped a lot.

After 6 sessions, I would say the hair is about 90-95% gone. Every now and then I'll catch a stray hair or small patch, but it's totally manageable and very light.

If you're looking for laser hair removal, I would highly recommend Dr. Halaas and her staff. Not only are they as professional and experienced as they come, but Dr. Halaas's use of prescription strength creams (and pronox if you need it) really helps make the experience nearly entirely pain free. And the results are incredible.
Ethan Shapiro
2 years ago
Totally professional! I received a hydrofacial with extraction, a procedure I had never heard of/knew nothing about from one of the nurses at Dr. Yael's practice, and have been nothing but impressed with the results. The hydrofacial itself was a totally relaxing and quick procedure, and the extraction, i.e, using a sharp blade to remove debris from individual pores was surprisingly painless. Even one day after the procedure, my skin was notably clearer. Additionally, Dr. Yael provides her own label of dermatological products, like cleansers, creams, and face pads, which I have incorporated into my nightly skin routine, and have been effective enough to supplement skin care products from skin care giants like SK-II and Sulwhasoo. Nothing but positive things to say!
Pierina Rodriguez
2 years ago
Dr. Halaas and her team are very professional. I got Botox in my armpits for the first time to stop the sweating for the Summer. I was nervous at first but Dr. Halaas answered all my questions and explained everything to me in such a friendly way. She used her own formulated numbing cream and the injections didnt hurt at all!!! The best part it works! Its been over a month no sweat under my arms! If you are looking for a doctor who will make you feel welcomed and comfortable you have to come see Dr. Halaas!
Karim Orange
6 years ago
Being an Emmy nominated makeup artist and beauty blogger my face is my business card. I love and trust the team at the office of Dr. Halaas! Everyone there is extremely professional and effective in their specific area of expertise.
Anne Yang
4 years ago
I had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Halaas. I am so happy and wish I would have done this sooner. Recovery went very fast and I look so much better. Overall great experience. Nice staff and clean, modern facility.
Peyton T
4 years ago
Doctor Halaas was great, makes you feel very comfortable.overall I would give the Doctor and staff a 9 out of 10.
Sherry Goodman
4 years ago
I highly recommend Dr. Halaas, not only is she kind and ethical, but she is also incredibly competent and skilled. The staff is also friendly and attentive and keep the schedule moving allowing me to pop in for Botox on my lunch break. I trust Dr. halaas with my face completely.
Irene L
5 years ago
It's amazing how courteous every staff member is. The doctor and staff have met all my expectations I would recommend Halaas to all my Friends
Alvin Verella
3 years ago
did 2 treatments of infini RF which is supposably suppose to improve acne scars and stops future breakouts. The nurse claimed it was the best treatment to improve the skin. However, the treatment is very painful and expensive, I saw no results in scarring and still breakout decided to pass on a third treatment because of this, waste of money in my opinion. I think you have to sign something also that says you do this at your own risk and results aren't guaranteed.

Also got charged a fee of 75$ not sure why? possibly because I had an appointment for a third treatment, which i believe I scheduled two months after my second treatment, didn't receive any reminder about said appointment to let me know it was coming up. Live and learn I guess.

Overall wouldn't recommend the Infiny RF treatment if you're trying to improve acne scaring and prevent breakouts.
Phyliss Cunningham
7 years ago
I have been a patient of Dr. Halaas for years and will be a life long patient. She has really provided me with the most outstanding results anyone could ask for. I am so happy with her work that I have sent my mother and closest friends. If you are looking for a doctor to form a close relationship with and trust, Dr. Halaas is amazing. She is extremely knowledgable, nurturing, and really takes her time. I never feel rushed and feel like I am visiting close friends when I come to her office. All of my friends who saw her have also been continuing to see her over the past years. Top notch!
Holly Weinstein
5 years ago
I had an amazing experience with Dr. Halaas. She is an utmost professional, as is every single person that works in her office. They were all so kind and made me feel extremely comfortable. Dr. Halaas as well as her staff were available to me via text or email after my procedure, and got back to me right away with any questions or concerns that I had. Dr. Halaas's work is terrific. I highly recommend her without reservation.
Lynn Leff
7 years ago
I cannot say enough positive comments about Dr. Yael Halaas and her office staff. I had several procedures with this amazing Plastic Surgeon. Not only am I always pleased with the results. Dr. Halaas' honesty and just letting you know what is necessary is such a pleasure. She never overdoes any of her work or makes you feel as if you need more work than is necessary.
Her office staff is efficient and warm and the office meticulous. I would have no one else touch my face other than this warm caring Doctor, Dr. Yael Halass.
Roberta Bernitt
5 years ago
I've had had a lot work with Dr. Halaas for several years and trust her completely. I'll be coming back forever!
Jules Vaughan
4 years ago
Dr. Halaas listens to all your needs and gives you a plan to meet your cosmetic needs. She is the best!
Hoover Astudillo
5 years ago
I been using Formula YH for the past year and It has SIGNIFICANTLY improved my hair growth, I am very thankful and I would recommend this product to everybody out there that is having hair lost, and I also thank the Dr. Yael Halaas for creating this amazing product!!!
Gerry F
3 years ago
I recently had a chin implant done by Dr.Halaas. At first I was nervous about getting any kind of surgery but Doctor Halaas surpassed all expectations. I received local anesthesia and was awake during surgery, but Dr. Halaas and her staff made it seamless and calming. Her work was beautiful and I feel so much more confident than before. I have zero regrets and am so happy I made the jump and went through with the procedure thanks to Dr.Halaas. Recovery time was about 2 days of some pain, nothing unbearable although speaking is definitely I advisable, then swelling lasted about 2 weeks. By the month no one could tell I had gotten the procedure done. Highly recommend.
Thomas La vecchia
7 years ago
Dr Halaas is an excellent surgeon as well as botox / dermal filler injector She truly cares about her patients as I recommend her to all my family and friends.
Paula Tamassia
6 years ago
I have been coming to see Dr. Halaas for years and I think she is a great person and has wonderful staff. I recently had a Thermilift procedure for the neck area. Already I am starting to feel that my neck feels tighter. I would recommend Dr. Halaas to my friends and already sent a few friends in.
Kerry Rush
4 years ago
Great Botox and Filler results. I came in because my friend referred me. I was feeling a little aged after the winter and needed a pick me up. The office is clean and the staff is very warm. Dr. Halaas is very nurturing which helped since I get nervous. They used a topical lidocaine on my skin so I did not feel anything when I had the injections, plus Dr. Halaas was super gentle. The appointment wasn't long even though I heard this doctor books up very quickly and can be tough to get into. Rightfully so, she is super meticulous and spot on. I felt like she looked at me like a canvas, which was cool. I will be back. My results are great.
Courtney Curtis
4 years ago
Natural facelift results. My husband was worried when I told him I wanted a facelift but felt at ease meeting with Dr. Halaas. My results look very natural and my friends cannot tell what I did but keep saying how great I look lately.
Lance Brilliantine
7 years ago
I would describe Dr. Halaas as the best facial plastic surgeon in New York City.

I have worked with various dermatologists and surgeons over the last 15 years, and Dr. Halaas is the only one who is an artist. She has an eye for propotion and naturalness of look. I am always pleased and uplifted by my visits (both physically and emotionally). It is good to know there are still surgeons who care about people and the quality of their work. Many, many thanks to Dr. Halaas for her warmth, understanding and supportive help. A recommendation to anyone who wants to lose 20 years of age and be reinvigorated! The best of the best!
priscilla hernandez
6 years ago
I saw Dr. Halaas for dark circles under my eyes after seeing her article in Cosmopolitan magazine. The staff was very friendly and accomodating, and the treatment was painless. Dr. Halaas is very calming and really knows what she is doing. It's so nice not having to worry about concealer anymore and I look so much more awake. I was so happy with Dr. Halaas that I sent my mother in for eyelid surgery. My mother and I are extremely happy! I will be a life long patient.
Mari Torres
6 years ago
I had a blepharoplasty surgery and botox injections by Dr. Halaas, she is a consummatte professional. Dr. Halaas took a very conservitive approach. Her and her staff are skilled professionals, super wonderful. I was impresed with her knowledge and advise, as well as her friendly attitude and people skills, I highly recommend Dr. Halaas.
Celeste Patton
6 years ago
Absolutely amazed!! Not only was Dr Halaas extremely skilled and talented as a surgeon, to the point of artistry, but the entire staff made the entire experience much more comfortable in every sense of the word with their knowledgeable and caring demeanors. My outcome from upper and lower blepharoplasty with CO2 Laser treatment was even more impressive than I had hoped. I sincerely would recommend Dr Halaas and her fine and caring staff to any friend or loved one considering any aesthetic refinement. By my last post procedural visit their competence and personal attention made such an impact that I may just visit the office to say hello (and maybe a little Botox here and there....)
Shantel Carter
4 years ago
The staff is always amazing and friendly every time I visit. Dr. Halass has excellent bed side manner and I would definitely recommend her.
krk k
7 years ago
hi ,

I had procedure in Dr Yael Halaas office in Manhatton, NY on December 11th, 2013....I paid $6 for FUE procedure... $3 for stripe procedure... when i went for procedure...actual count i got it 812 grafts in stripe procedure... 208 grafts in FUE procedure... total grafts count (FUE + Stripe) : 1020.

Total Stripe method grafts count ( not hair count ) : 812
Total FUE method grafts count (not hair count ) : 208


Total Stripe method grafts count ( not hair count ) : 812 * 3 = $2436.00
Total FUE method grafts count (not hair count ) : 208 * 6 = $1248.00
Grand TOTAL in US DOLLARS : $3684.00

LESS: Travel discount ( because i came from IOWA STATE) : $ 450.00


jessica levine
8 years ago
I have gotten fillers, such as Botox and Juvederm, for the last two years, and have never been disappointed with the results. I also recently had my eyes done, and I am pleased to say the scar is barely visible, and the amount of compliments i have received is well worth it! I absolutely loved my experience at Dr. Halaas's office. The office is gorgeous, and the staff are so accommodating. I also recommended a friend to Dr. Halaas, and to my surprise she gave me a free chemical peel! I most certainly recommend Dr. Halaas to anyone considering eyelid surgery and fillers!
S P1971
2 years ago
Excellent Doctor!
Freeman C
4 years ago
Awesome woman!
Giovanna Caloretti Rodriguez
2 years ago
(Translated by Google) I am really satisfied with the professionalism of Dr. Yael Halaas and her entire team. They really make you feel very comfortable and safe. The girls at the reception are so kind and the nursing staff are really very professional, as well as all the staff. They took so much care of my procedure (Thermi tight) and my quick recovery, today after almost a year of my treatment they are still pending on my health, thank you very much Dra Yael, my blessings and 100% recommendations for you and your entire team of work.

Estoy realmente satisfecha con el profesionalismo de la Dr. Yael Halaas y todo su equipo de trabajo.realmente te hacen sentir muy cómoda y segura. Las chicas de la recepción son tan amables y el personal de enfermería son realmente muy profesionales , así como todo el personal. Ellas tomaron tanto cuidado de mi procedimiento(Thermi tight) y mi rápida recuperación,hoy después de casi un año de mi tratamiento aún continúan pendientes de mi salud,mil gracias Dra Yael,mis bendiciones y recomendaciónes al 100% para usted y todo su equipo de trabajo.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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