Anti-aging with FaceTite

Dr. Halaas, the leading facial plastic surgeon in New York City, is pleased to offer FaceTite. One of the top anti-aging treatments available today, FaceTite beautifully contours the face and other small areas of the body, and when performed on the face, the results are similar to those of a traditional facelift — only with less downtime. This is why FaceTite is the preferred alternative to facelift surgery.

Key benefits of FaceTite

  • FDA-approved technology
  • No excisions or scalpels 
  • Virtually painless 
  • Less downtime needed than with traditional face/neck surgery
  • No visible marks left on your skin
  • Rejuvenated appearance

Good candidates for FaceTite

You may be a candidate for FaceTite in NYC if:

  • Have sagging skin in the lower face and upper neck
  • Are unhappy with their fullness under the chin
  • Would prefer a non-surgical procedure
  • Are non-smokers in overall good health
  • Have realistic expectations for what FaceTite can do

Before and After of FaceTite Patient in NYC

How FaceTite works

FaceTite uses a process known as radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) which provides internal and external breakdown of fats within the skin, essentially tightening the skin from the inside out. The radiofrequency heat causes the tissue to repair itself, which kickstarts the collagen producing process. The result is a smoother, firmer, more contoured appearance.

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Chin implant with FaceTite 

What does the FaceTite procedure involve?

After using an injected local anesthetic to numb the treatment area, Dr. Halaas will create access points in the skin for the small FaceTite probe to enter. She will then begin using the probe, which includes both an internal and external wand in order to treat the inside and the outside of the skin. The probe delivers a controlled amount of heat energy to the tissues, causing the skin to contract and tighten.

Is FaceTite safe?

RFAL technology has built-in safety mechanisms that take real-time measurements of impedance and skin temperature. It also has a power cut-off feature. In the hands of an expert like Dr. Halaas, FaceTite in NYC is very safe and effective. She and her medical team always properly prepare patients before the procedure, and assist them in post-treatment care as well.

A standard of safety

  • Dr. Halaas uses extensive pre-op preparation to minimize recovery and improve results for all procedures
  • Dr. Halaas uses the most advanced IntraOp® tools
  • Dr. Halaas became an AAAASF OR inspector to be aware of all the standards
  • Dr. Halaas uses the latest (but proven) safety techniques
  • Dr. Halaas adheres to the entire concept of Science & Beauty, from start to finish

Recovery and results

  • For 3-4 days after treatment, a compression garment will need to be worn
  • Strenuous exercise should be avoided during recovery 
  • Most patients go back to work and regular activities after 4-7 days
  • Early results may be visible one week following the procedure
  • Full results may take 3-6 months


Dr. Halaas also uses AccuTite™ to tighten very small areas of the face and body. Like FaceTite, AccuTite uses RFAL technology; only it has been designed specifically to address delicate areas that have previously been very difficult to treat. As the smallest minimally invasive radiofrequency device available, AccuTite is extremely accurate and precise, and can effectively treat the neck, elbows, knees, nasolabial folds, jowls, inner thighs, bra fat, eyelids, hands, and brow.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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