What is Laser Cap?

Laser Cap is an innovative, FDA-approved hair regrowth treatment for both men and women. This advanced technique is discreet, portable, and easy to use. It’s a hands-free, low-level laser management system that you simply wear at home. Those experiencing a receding hairline or patchy hair can utilize the Laser Cap treatment to achieve a fuller head of hair with results apparent in approximately 60 days—or even sooner. There’s no pain at all — in fact, most patients find wearing Laser Cap soothing — and the hands-free element makes it extremely convenient. 

How Laser Cap treatment works

Although Laser Cap is light and comfortable to wear, it’s lined with laser diodes and powered with a (portable) battery pack. These laser diodes use 650 nm red light to affect your hair follicles through absorption. Once the cells of the follicles take in the light, it’s changed into energy that assists with hair growth. This process is called low level laser light (LLLL). 

Low level laser light therapy

Low level laser light therapy affects the stem cells responsible for hair growth function, and improves cellular respiration. 

Essentially Laser Cap’s low level laser light therapy leads to a reversal of hair follicles from their dormant stage to their active growth stage.

This means that the hair remains in its growth phase longer, which makes it grow back thicker and darker. Although results vary from case to case, most patients see results in 4-5 months.

How often is the Laser Cap worn?

Patients only need to wear the Laser Cap about 30 minutes a day, 3-4 times per week. It has been determined to be compatible with the use of hair loss therapies such as Rogaine® (generic: minoxidil) and Propecia® (generic: finasteride) for hair restoration.


How many different Laser Caps are there?

Currently, there are three different Laser Cap options: LaserCap SD, LaserCap HD, and LaserCap HD+. The differences in each one involve how much energy they emit, what areas of the head the laser diodes cover, and their costs. If it’s determined that Laser Cap is right for you, Dr. Halaas will choose the ideal model for your specific needs.

Can I use Laser Cap after a hair transplant?

Yes. Low level laser light therapy is widely believed to enhance the survival and healing of transplanted hair follicles after a hair transplant.

Everything was wonderful from start to finish, and I could not be happier with the results! Dr. Halaas was amazing and really listened to my concerns and requests and was so wonderful to work with.


Who is a candidate for Laser Cap?

If you’re in the Westchester and NYC area and you’re interested in learning more about the Laser Cap treatment, you may be an excellent candidate. Those who make ideal patients for this treatment are:

  • Men in the beginning stages of male pattern baldness
  • Women of all ages
  • Those who meet the skin type and hair loss type criteria for Laser Cap
  • Patients who have undergone hair transplant surgery 
  • Those who understand how the treatment works
  • Those with realistic expectations for Laser Cap’s abilities 

Written by Dr. Halaas

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