Nasal Tip Surgery Procedure

Ptosis is a medical term simply referring to a droopiness of a body part, in this case, the nose. The nose is a prominent facial feature and when the tip droops it can have a dramatic influence on the overall appearance of the face. The causes of a drooping nose are numerous and treatment can be surgical or non-surgical depending on the extent of the condition.

Some Causes For Nasal Tip Ptosis Are:

  • Excessive tip cartilage
  • Trauma
  • Elongated nose with lack of cartilaginous support at the tip
  • Loss of elasticity of ligaments and connective tissue as a result of the normal aging process
  • Prior poorly performed rhinoplasty (nose surgery) without proper supporting grafts may cause the loss of nasal tip support and thus drooping
  • Loss of bone calcium (osteoporosis) of the maxilla (supporting bone of the nasal tip and upper teeth) can cause a drooping nose
  • Nasal muscle pulling downwards on the tip

Injections Are Non-Surgical Treatments Of A Drooping Nose And Include:

  • Botox: Minor change for correction of muscle pulling down the nose.
  • Radiesse: Correction of minor to moderate changes by smoothing sharp angles and restoring depressions.
  • Restylane: Improve mild to moderate imperfections in the shape of the nose.
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Surgical Methods For Restoring A Drooping Nasal Tip Are Numerous, Vary Greatly From Patient To Patient, And Include:

  • If the septum is causing the long tip, the septal cartilage can be trimmed at the caudal (inferior aspects of the nasal structure) edge.
  • Long lower lateral cartilage may require trimming and repositioning to rotate the nose upward.
  • Suture techniques that refine a bulbous nasal tip or projection and rotation through a tip elevation.
  • A columella strut (cartilage graft) may need to be implanted if tip ptosis is related to loss of medial support of the tip cartilages.
  • The tongue-in-groove technique can be used to provide tip support without adding a cartilage graft.
  • Cartilage grafts may be needed such as shield grafts, cap grafts, plumping grafts, or other tip grafts to redefine and alter the nasal tip.
  • If the tip is under-projected an onlay graft in addition to the columellar strut may be needed to increase tip projection.

Dr. Yael Halaas is a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who, through her extensive experience and well-known expertise in her field, will improve both cosmetic and functional deformities of a drooping nose.

Call Dr. Halaas at her New York City office for a consultation. Allow her to go that extra step in determining whether the muscles play a role in nasal tip drooping through a very simple test. She will just ask you to smile. This allows her to analyze the dynamic movement of the nasal tip and determine whether facial muscles need to be addressed. After determining whether surgical or medical treatment with injectable facial fillers will resolve your nose ptosis, she will explain in detail your best possible options and answer your questions.

Your outcome will be cosmetically, functionally, and ethnically topnotch.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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