Whether you are a child or an adult, having an undesirable ear shape can take a serious toll on your self esteem. Children with distortions to the ear’s physical appearance can suffer years of teasing from peers. In turn, this can lead to lower self-confidence as they grow, even carrying over into adulthood. Today, there is simply no reason to suffer because of what you don’t like about your ears. Through otoplasty (ear cosmetic surgery), corrections can be made in a short amount of time that will have lasting positive effects on you and your life.

Some people are born with ears that end up in different sizes and shapes as they grow, leading to self-consciousness about them. Through otoplasty, once the ears have reached their full size (which is around six years old), they can be reshaped to a more proportionate and ideal size and shape. This low-risk surgery leaves a very minor scar behind the ear, where the incision took place. The top otoplasty surgeons may remove and/or re-shape cartilage and skin during the procedure. Hearing is not affected, and recovery time consists of a couple of weeks of putting no pressure on the ears.

Ears are used for more than just hearing, in our society. They are a prominent feature that people often notice. Having ears that make you feel comfortable and confident is important, whether you are a child or an adult. Dr. Halaas is a board-certified surgeon who understands the complexities of the surgical procedure and the reasons behind wanting the surgery. Call her today to see how she can help you get the ears you would like to have.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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