Earlobe repair with Dr. Halaas

One of the most common procedures at Dr. Halaas’s practice is earlobe repair. This is a pain-free, convenient procedure that is performed to restore the earlobes of patients who have torn or stretched theirs because of earrings or gauges.

Dangling earrings can cause micro-tears in the earlobe when they are slept in, showered in, when clothing is pulled over the head, or when children pull on them.

These micro-tears can build up over the years and elongate the earlobe. Ear gauges, which are a style choice, have the after-effect of stretching out the earlobes, which many patients want to correct.

The procedure and re-piercing  

When Dr. Halaas corrects the earlobes, numbing cream and a little local anesthesia are used to help keep patients comfortable. Anything that needs to be removed is excised, the edges are freshened, and the torn or elongated area is closed. After one week, the sutures can be removed. 

After one month, we invite you back if you would like your ears re-pierced, for no extra charge. We typically don’t re-pierce the ear in the same location as it was before because the scar tissue will not be as strong as it was. Or, if it does reach the same level of strength, it may take months. 

Written by Dr. Halaas

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