What is forehead reduction?

First, it’s important to know that this procedure has many different names. Forehead reduction, hairline lowering, hairline advancement, and scalp advancement are all the same. While many people associate high foreheads with hair loss, the truth is that this is more often a non-related genetic trait. 

An attractive face is characterized by balance and harmony. If one portion of the face, such as the forehead, is too long or too large, this harmony can be disrupted. Luckily, people with high foreheads can now address these issues with a forehead reduction procedure.

What are the benefits?

A forehead reduction procedure provides important benefits for patients who want to refresh their appearance and achieve better facial harmony. Benefits include:

  • Reduction in height of the forehead
  • Tightening of skin and reduction of forehead wrinkles
  • Slight eyebrow lift
  • Slight upper eyelid lift
  • More balanced facial features

What is the procedure like?

During the treatment, the excess forehead skin is removed, and the hairline is pushed forward. This treatment is sometimes combined with an eyebrow lift. The incisions made during surgery are near the hairline, which keeps any future scars hidden by hair. The incision is designed in a way that lets the hair grow through after surgery to keep it obscured. 

Before any plans are made, a careful assessment of the forehead, hairline, and brow is made to determine how much skin will need to be removed. As with any procedure, having all of the details planned out ahead of time is what sets apart a good treatment from a fantastic treatment. Dr. Halaas is known for her attention to detail and ensures your procedure is exactly customized to your unique needs.

Yael Halaas MD

Forehead reduction recovery and results

The recovery period for a forehead reduction in NYC is relatively short for most people. There is usually some swelling and bruising around the eyes, but it subsides within a few weeks. By the one-month mark, there are usually no noticeable signs of surgery present on the patient’s face. The results of a forehead reduction look incredibly natural. Immense care is taken to ensure that the hairline retains a natural look.

Am I a candidate?

Forehead reduction is suitable for men and women with no history of family hair loss. The point about hair loss is that, if the hairline recedes, the incision site becomes visible. Having a high forehead and good elasticity in the scalp are also important considerations for this treatment. Scalp elasticity matters because it has a direct correlation to how far the forehead can be lowered. 

Because the goal is to decrease the distance between the brow and the hair line, this operation is often coupled with a brow lift. For transgender patients transitioning from male to female, this operation is usually combined with brow bone reduction to create a more feminine look. 

Written by Dr. Halaas

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