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Lifestyle Lifts Shuts Down Most Locations; Dr. Halaas Uses Her Vast Experience In Performing Lifestyle Lifts to Develop A New, Personalized Facelift Technique


The Wall Street Journal reported on March 2, 2015 that Lifestyle Lift halted most of its operations and is considering bankruptcy. The company operated 40 centers in the U.S. and was known for offering women and men with a short surgical procedure under local anesthesia that was marketed as an alternative to traditional facelift surgeries.

Facial Plastic Surgeon Yael Halaas M.D. was personally asked by Lifestyle Lift’s chief Dr. David Kent to head their New York location when it opened in December 2005. During the three years she had worked there, she operated on hundreds of patients, using the Lifestyle Lift technique.

At her upscale private practice, which she opened in 2004, Dr. Halaas often meets with patients who suffer from sagging skin, loss of volume in the cheek area, deep wrinkles, and a tired look. Many of them prefer non-surgical or minimally-invasive procedures. Dr. Halaas evaluates each patient’s tissue and skin conditions and if she feels that fillers and lasers will not address the patient’s concerns, she may recommend her latest face lift technique.


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