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I underwent rhinoplasty to slim down my already long and attractive nose. The result left me with a nose that is short, stubby, piggish, and bulbous. What happens in rhinoplasty to create a longer nose? My surgeon tells me I have no septum or cartilage left. Does this matter?


Cartilage is the main component that determines the appearance of the nose tip. It is essential to find enough cartilage to reshape the nose. The cartilage is used to refine, elongate, and sculpt the nose. The septum provides nose tip support and is used to help create the desired look. Cartilage can be borrowed from a donor area if you have none left in your nose, like from your ear or rib. You should first discuss the results with the surgeon who performed the procedure. Then you can start the revision process or have a secondary consultation with another rhinoplasty surgeon.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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