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Facelift Procedure

Facelift Procedure in New York By Dr. Halaas

Facelift Procedure in New York by Dr. Halaas


What is a Facelift?


What is a FaceliftA restorative procedure, a Facelift reverses the signs of gravity and aging and offers a solution to reclaiming your youthful appearance. The primary areas addressed with a facelift are the deep creases below the eyes, deep folds between the nose and mouth(nasolabial folds), the lines between the mouth and chin(marionette lines) and the jowls along the jawline.

A facelift can turn back the clock, leaving you with a natural, refreshed appearance. Most facelift patients are active and youthful in spirit and a facelift helps the appearance of their face match that attitude.


What are the benefits of a facelift?

  • Tighten the face neck, and jowels to restore a taught, youthful appearance
  • Look as young as you feel! A facelift enables your appearance to match your energetic attitude
  • Reverse the effects of gravity and smooth fine lines and wrinkles

Removing the excess skin around the jowls lends a smoother, more taught look to the face and neck improving overall appearance. A facelift also addresses deep creases around the corners of the nose and mouth as well as under eye hollows. Tightening the soft tissue of the face reverses the effects of gravity and restores a youthful contour.

Types of Facelift

There are three components addressed with a facelift: Muscle, skin and fat. While all three components should be addressed during a facelift, the areas of concern differ from patient to patient introducing the need for different types of facelifts.

  • Full Facelift
    Addresses all of the face and neck, from mid face through the neck. The most common type of facelift, this addresses skin laxity, wrinkles, fine lines and excess fat under the chin.
  • Mid Facelift
    Addressing mid face down to the chin. This is for a younger patient or the patient that has maintained elasticity in the neck and does not have excess fat below the chin.
  • Necklift
    While not technically a facelift, a necklift primarily addresses the skin and fat under the chin but can oftentimes tighten the skin along the jowels lending a taught appearance to the lower face.

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Who is a candidate for a facelift?


who is a candidate for a facelift?

Your face is the first thing people see when they meet you and, unfortunately, it is also the first area to exhibit signs of aging. There are two main components that add to the appearance of an aging face: gravity and loss of volume. The most likely candidates for a facelift procedure are those that are looking for ways to rejuvenate their facial appearance and have their face match the youthful energy they feel and portray. Those with some excess skin around the face and neck and diminished volume from the cheeks, temples and face.


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Facelift Recovery

Immediately after a facelift you will experience some swelling and discomfort. Once the drains are removed, there may be some asymmetry, discoloration and bruising. These are all temporary – do not be alarmed.

While the recovery time for a Facelift varies from patient to patient, the majority of swelling occurs within 24-48 hours. Most of the sutures are removed within a week after a facelift. Facial bruising generally resolves within two weeks. Several cosmetics are available to conceal the bruising and patients are permitted to utilize these after the first week.

Aspirin, alcohol, smoking and anti-inflammatory medications should be avoided for the first few days as these can delay the healing process greatly.

Pain medication as well as precautionary antibiotics will be provided as well.

Your full and final result cannot be determined for up to six months. Residual swelling can last months and incision scars can also take months to fade. Avoiding sun exposure and smoking is preferable to expedite healing.

Facelift Results

The final results of a facelift vary as there several factors to consider. The type of facelift, the extent of correction necessary and the patient’s compliance during the healing process all play a role in patient expectation and outcome. A facelift is a wonderful procedure and patients are highly satisfied the final outcome. A Facelift will leave you with a refreshed, youthful and, most importantly, natural appearance.

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What is a facelift?

Nowadays a facelift can mean many things. The traditional facelift involves rejuvenation of the cheeks, jaw line and neck. Importantly, it does not include the eyes, eyebrows and forehead. Today, targeted facelifts can mean rejuvenation of isolated areas. These targeted facelifts can mean less downtime and can be broken down to the “cheeklift”or the “necklift”. When deciding between the procedures, consider what area needs attention, how much downtime is needed and what you want.

Will it look natural?

After a full physical examination of your face and an in-depth consultation, the right surgery for your face will be determined. Today most patients want the natural look and that means treating the face on many different levels. Aging in the face results from skin, muscle and fat changes and addressing each of them individually results in a natural look.

Does it hurt?

Actually, not really. Unlike chest or belly surgery where you can’t help but move the incision every time you breathe or laugh, facial surgery is not really painful. Most patients will complain about the swelling and bruising but most do not report pain.

How long will I be bruised?

Bruising is most severe the first two weeks with dramatic improvement over the first few weeks. In our practice, we encourage the patient to use a homeopathic regimen that we have found very effective in shortening recovery time.

I’m open to a facelift or facial plastic surgery but wanted more opinions on a variety of skin tightening options to tighten jowls and skin laxity in the face in general.?

An open & honest conversation with your facial plastic surgeon is incredibly important. Sometimes the sagging cheeks & early loose jowls can be corrected with volume replacement, better known as injectible fillers. As we age, we lose fat & volume from where we would like it & seem to collect where we don’t! Fuller, higher cheeks are youthful and early jowls can be “hidden” with a small amount of filler.[ Read More ]


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