“Double chin” is the rather unflattering name for the appearance of excess submental fat that commonly accumulates due to age-related changes, hormonal fluctuations, or rapid or gradual general weight gain. As we age, the skin in this area also loses its natural elasticity, further exacerbating an already unpleasant occurrence. While a double chin may possibly be resolved through routine exercise and a good diet, there is, in fact, no guarantee that cardio or weight training will affect the submental area and one would need to lose fat from all parts of the body in order to see improvement under the chin. Thankfully, there are a number of non-invasive, minimally invasive, and surgical procedures that will tackle the problem almost immediately.

What is a double chin?

A double chin is simply the appearance of an additional layer of skin and fat situated beneath the chin and in front of the neck. As we move through our days, converse with people, and generally use our mouths or heads, the accumulated submental fat in this area often becomes very apparent. This can detract from one’s self-confidence and cause them to feel refrained, limited, or embarrassed in personal and professional encounters. 

How can I get rid of a double chin?

Effective treatments for a double chin fall into two categories: The first, exercise and dieting, require a full-body approach to weight loss. Unfortunately, you can not “spot-target” fatty deposits with exercise, but would need to lose weight from all parts of your body in order to see an improvement in the submental area.

The second category of treatments for a double chin includes provenly effective cosmetic treatments of a non-invasive, minimally invasive, or surgical variety. We cover these in detail below.

What treatments are there for a double chin?

Dr. Halaas provides a number of effective cosmetic solutions for treating a double chin. These treatments are tailored to you with respect to how pronounced your double chin might be, as well as what your goals are for the procedure.

  • Kybella

    Kybella is a minimally invasive injectable that is specifically designed to contour the jawline and improve the appearance of a double chin. Kybella uses a synthetic form of a fat-dissolving substance we all already have in our bodies. Patients with mild to moderate submental fat will almost certainly benefit from its use.

  • Neck lift

    A well-done neck lift from Dr. Halaas will treat a double chin and so much more. If you’re suffering from a double chin as well as a number of other cosmetic factors that are a result of the natural aging process, a neck lift can change your entire appearance for the better. Sagging skin, excess skin, deep wrinkles, lines, creases and folds, and visible “banding” in the neck are all easily treated with a neck lift.

  • Non-surgical chin augmentation

    For patients not yet ready for a surgical procedure, Dr. Halaas has perfected a non-surgical approach to chin augmentation that uses dermal fillers to improve the appearance of the submental area. As for a double chin, this option may be a good choice for patients with the very earliest stages of a double chin.

  • Liposuction

    Patients with the most prominent double chins will likely require liposuction. Contrary to past ideas of liposuction, the procedure and its technology and cannulas have evolved greatly. Liposuction can be a delicate procedure that uses additional techniques to make fat removal faster and more gentle than ever.

  • Profound RF Face Tightening

    ProfoundRF uses radiofrequency energy to safely heat the subdermal tissue, causing tissue contraction and spurring the body into the production of healthy collagen and elastin that help reinforce the skin’s natural strength and support structures. Profound is an excellent treatment for a double chin, with patients seeing results naturally within weeks of their treatment. No incisions are made and no recovery downtime is required.

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