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by Yael Halaas M.D. FACS | posted on December 20, 2013

August 2013 Derm Surg Journal

August 2013 Derm Surg Journal,

Authors from Korea found that Low Level Light Therapy improved hair density and thickness for both men and women with androgenetic alopecia. They used a device similar to the laser cap that we sell in the office. 630, 650 &660nm wavelength for 18min. Daily for 24 weeks. On a molecular level, LLLT is absorbed by cell mitochondria leading to greater enzyme activity, electron transport and production of energy. It can also stimulate gene expression for increased protein synthesis, cell proliferation and growth factors.

Another Asian study showed that early postoperative treatment of scars with fractional CO2 showed improved cosmesis. Patients were treated 3 weeks post surgery twice at two intervals. Consistently the treated area had improved cosmesis compared to the untreated area. Patients were followed for three months post laser. This study is interesting because of the concern of developing hypertrophy from early laser intervention. The authors suggest that using lower fluence (less powerful setting) and lower density might be they key to minimizing that outcome.

A French study showed that freezing fat had 73% patient satisfaction and a 23% fat reduction at three months. 82% of patients would recommend to a friend.

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