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What is Alopecia?


Alopecia, the medical term for hair loss, is a condition in which the immune system attacks and damages the hair follicles, causing the hair to thin. A common problem, alopecia occurs in healthy individuals and can affect in both men and women. New York board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Yael Halaas treats alopecia at her Manhattan office, using the most cutting-edge hair restoration techniques.

Basic Hair Care and At-Home Remedies

If you suffer from hair loss, basic hair care is important. Dr. Halaas recommends using a mild shampoo and limiting exposure to harsh chemicals and excessive heat can help prevent hair damage. The goal is to preserve fragile strands of hair. Depending on the extent of hair loss, over-the-counter topical medications, such as minoxidil, can be applied to the scalp to help reduce thinning. Results are evident after about four months. Although minoxidil can be effective, topical solutions may also cause some side effects, such as flaking and scalp irritation.

Hair Restoration Treatments with Dr. Halaas, NYC

A top-rated hair restoration expert, Dr. Halaas designs custom treatments for alopecia using a range of therapies and technologies.

  • Oral medications such as Propecia (finasteride) can help trigger regrowth. In a some cases, cortisone pills, and anti-inflammatory medication, may also be prescribed to treat hair loss. Because use of cortisone pills can have negative side effects, is short-term solution that is used conservatively.
  • Laser light therapy is a safe, non-invasive hair growth stimulation treatment. During treatment, the scalp is exposed to light energy, which can stimulate declining hair follicles. Responsiveness to light therapy varies from individual to individual and will not revive dead follicles.
  • Hair transplant surgery is the only permanent solution that can fill in bald areas. Dr. Halaas uses two state-of-the-art surgical techniques: follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit grafting (FUG). Unlike other treatments, a hair transplant can restore a head of hair and yield natural-looking results.

If you are concerned about your thinning hair, contact Dr. Halaas to schedule your hair restoration consultation.


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