Treat facial veins with ThermaVein,
an effective telangiectasia treatment
offered by leading NYC plastic
surgeon Dr. Halaas.

What Is ThermaVein?

ThermaVein is a non-invasive approach to treating tiny but unattractive facial veins, or “telangiectasia.” You may also hear these veins referred to as spider veins, threadveins, rosacea, spider naevi, or vascular blemishes. ThermaVein treats these unwanted facial veins by delivering a microburst of current through the surface of the skin. Thermocoagulation causes the vein walls to collapse and seal, and the veins disappear instantly.

What are the benefits of ThermaVein?

The procedure is safe for all skin types. The probe that delivers the microcurrent of heat to the tiny veins is insulated, so there is no damage to surrounding tissue, and almost no risk of bruising, scarring, or change in pigmentation of the skin.

Types of ThermaVein treatments

ThermaVein, powered by VeinWave, is used primarily to treat the tiny unwanted veins that appear on the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin, but it can treat small, unwanted leg veins, or veins that form on other parts of the body.

Who is a candidate for ThermaVein treatment

ThermaVein is appropriate for men as well as women who want to reduce or remove the appearance of unwanted facial veins.

ThermaVein Recovery

This procedure requires no down time. None. You’ll walk away from your treatment and back to your everyday activities.

ThermaVein Results

Immediately following treatment, you will see a noticeable improvement and, in many cases, a complete eradication of the tiny veins that disrupted your skin’s appearance.


Q How long does ThermaVein facial vein treatment take?

A typical treatment should take about 15 minutes.

Q How soon will I see results?

You should see an improvement immediately following treatment.

Q How many treatments will I need?

In many cases, just one ThermaVein treatment can remove your problem veins. Occasionally someone will need up to three treatments.

Q Does it hurt?

Everyone’s comfort level is different, but patients who have experienced ThermaVein have said that they felt a slight pinching sensation, or something similar to having a hair plucked. Others have said they hardly felt a thing, and some even seemed unaware that the procedure had been started.

Q How long will recovery take?

ThermaVein treatment has no downtime at all! You will walk away from treatment and back to all your normal activities without restriction.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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