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The Lip Plumping Trend

The Kylie Jenner Challenge, the DIY lip plumping  social media storm that took hold last year and led to an image stream of distorted lips, alarmed doctors and prompted them to send a clear message: do not try this at home.

Kylie Jenner’s fuller lips created speculation about how she achieved the look. The then seventeen-year-old reality television star claimed she did not increase the volume with the help of fillers—so how exactly did she do it? It did not long before the speculation gave way to an at-home solution: plump the lips using a readily available household item, specifically a shot glass. Simply place the glass around the lips and suck the air out. And presto! Instant volumized lips.

But New York board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Yael Halaas, an expert on minimally and non-invasive cosmetic enhancements, warns that such measures can lead to undesirable and harmful results. First, the do-it-yourself approach can cause significant pain. Next, the shot glass method can result in severe bruising and exaggerated swelling—not exactly the alluring lips of an Instagram-ready pout. Finally, the glass can potentially break due to the stress caused by the pressure, leaving the lip area exposed to sharp edges. The glass shards can cut deeply, creating the possibility of a visit to the emergency room for stitches. Unfortunately, despite the possibility of disfigurement, the challenge caught on and many young people posted images of disturbingly unnatural-looking pillow lips.

But the most revealing part of this tale? The young Kylie Jenner later admitted that she had, in fact, received temporary filler injections to enhance her lips. The sought-after mouth was shaped with the help of a professional. The admission was not a surprise to most, but it did raise questions about whether it is appropriate to treat individuals who are under eighteen and the message it sends.

Most of us would love to have a pair of full lips, but are the dangers of artificially plumping your lips using an ad hoc method are many. It is best to discuss your options with a qualified medical specialist. When approached with a healthy attitude and done by a skilled doctor, a cosmetic modification can enhance an individual’s natural beauty. If you would like to have fuller, more luscious lips, contact Dr. Halaas for a consultation. She will be able to recommend the safest and effective way to give you lips a boost.



Written by Dr. Halaas

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