Say Goodbye to Cellulite with Emtone

Cellulite can be caused by a variety of factors. This condition affects millions of people in the US and it can appear in difficult-to-treat areas like the back of your thighs, the neck, and other parts of your body. However, patients in New York can now opt for Emtone, a non-invasive, FDA-approved cellulite treatment that can help smoothen out skin without any pain or discomfort.

As a double board-certified plastic surgeon and otolaryngology specialist, Dr. Halaas is familiar with the most advanced treatments available including Emtone in NYC. Furthermore, she has an undergraduate degree in art history and a keen eye for aesthetic harmony, both of which are crucial to the success of her treatments. To learn more about working with Dr. Halaas, contact her consultation and book an appointment today.

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What is Emtone?

Emtone is a state-of-the-art device that allows Dr. Halaas to treat cellulite in different parts of the body. This treatment employs radiofrequency and pressure energy to smoothen out your skin and eliminate the appearance of dimples or unwanted texture. As one of the leaders in cosmetic procedures in Westchester and Manhattan, Dr. Halaas is familiar with the latest skin solution technologies such as Emtone. Furthermore, Dr. Halaas is highly skilled in the application of Emtone, which increases her patients’ chances of success.


Benefits of Emtone for Cellulite

Cellulite may seem impossible to eliminate. However, thanks to Emtone, you can now target different parts of your body with one single treatment. Furthermore, there are many other benefits of Emtone, including:

  • Improves collagen production
  • It is fast and effective
  • Each treatment takes about 20 minutes depending on the area being treated
  • Painless and no downtime required

Ideal Candidates for Emtone

Emtone is ideal for both men and women who have visible cellulite. It can be applied to all parts of the body, but this treatment is especially effective on the back of the thighs and other difficult to treat areas. While numerous areas of the body can be treated, it is important to note that the area you want to focus on should not have any open wounds or irritated skin.

Potential Risks and Temporary Side Effects Associated with Emtone

Emtone is FDA approved and regarded as a safe procedure with no downtime. Although rare, some patients experience mild side-effects. This includes redness and a temporary rash. Dr. Halaas will go over the procedure and explain the possibility of any potential side-effects before treating each patient.

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Why Choose Dr. Halaas for Emtone in NYC?

Cellulite is a major aesthetic concern for many women of varying ages. Fortunately, Emtone allows Dr. Halaas to eliminate cellulite, restoring the skin’s smooth, plump, and firm appearance. As one of the leading cosmetic experts in New York and Westchester, Dr. Halaas is always ahead of the curve with the latest technology, including Emtone and other innovative skin treatments.

Emtone is a great alternative that can eliminate cellulite and help you feel like the best version of yourself. If you want to learn more about working with double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Halaas, get in touch with her consultation and book an appointment today.


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