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The nasal septum separates the left and right sides of the nose into two nasal cavities or nostrils with the division down the center of the nose.  When the nasal septum is deviated, the separating partition needs to be returned to center line.

A deviated septum can be caused by trauma to the nose, or may be a congenital condition.

The narrowing of the nasal cavity can result in a decrease of airflow and breathing problems.

Depending on the cause and extent of surgical repair needed, a septoplasty can be performed externally or internally through the nostrils.

Dr. Yael Halaas is a facial plastic surgeon and septoplasty surgeons with additional specialized studies in otolaryngology, the ears, nose and throat.  Her experience in all facial surgery procedures as well as her specialized training in treating the ears, nose and throat sets her apart from other doctors in her field.  Dr. Halaas is recognized as one of the top 10 facial plastic surgeons in the New York City area by medical organizations and her peers.

Contact Dr. Halaas for a consultation, thorough examination and recommendations for treatment of nasal problems including a septal deviation and allow her to return your breathing to a comfortable and relaxed airflow.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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