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Restylane Treatment – Restylane Filler

Restylane treatment that can be tailored to your facial needs with the ability to enhance and define facial contours, create well defined and fuller lips, smooth wrinkles and provide rejuvenation of your facial skin.

When Restylane is used the results are immediate!

A natural and proven safe beauty treatment with over 15 million treatments performed worldwide, Restylane does not interact with the muscles of your face and thus will not affect facial movement or expressions.

While the effects are long-lasting they are not permanent, providing you the option to maintain the effects or the freedom of changing them.

A crystal clear gel, Restylane is either injected directly into or just under your skin. Small amounts are utilized to restore facial structure and volume.

Restylane NYC is based on hyaluronic acid, which is complex sugar naturally found in many tissues of your body such as skin. Hyaluronic acid binds with water creating elasticity and volume to fill in facial creases and wrinkles.

No skin tests are required prior to treatment with Restylane as it is non-animal and hypersensitive skin reactions and/or allergic reactions do not have to be tested.

The results of Restylane commonly last 6-12 months and in some people up to 18 months. It should be noted; however, when Restylane is used on your lips, re-application is usually needed within 6 months.

Numerous clinical studies have repeatedly proven Restylane to be an effective and safe product.

Before and After of 17-year-old male patient with 1ml of Restylane for a non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure. *Results May Vary

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