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Relieve Your Depression With Botox

by Erika | posted on April 7, 2014

Relieve Your Depression With Botox


A study published by the Journal of Psychiatric Research states that patients who receive Botox show substantial improvement in their depressive symptoms (wow!).

This particular study is one of the largest randomized and controlled studies to date on the correlation of Botox and depression. Researches found that 50% of subjects suffering depression displayed substantial improvement in their depressive symptoms.

The study injected half of the subjects with Botox, and the other half with a placebo (or sugar water). Overwhelmingly, 47% of those injected with Botox versus 21% of those injected with the placebo experienced improvement in depression.

Who would have thought that Botox could be so versatile in what it can accomplish? Smooth wrinkles and relieve those winter blues!

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