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Piezo in NYC

Expert facial plastic surgeon Dr. Yael Halaas is continuously looking for the latest, advanced technology to improve surgical procedures in order to provide better patient experiences and more precise results. Along with her expert medical team, Dr. Halaas is pleased to offer patients improved surgical outcomes with Piezo, also known as PiezoSurgery. Designed by Mectron, Piezo is an ultrasonic surgical system that offers doctors the perfect balance between power and precision while performing surgery.

Dr. Halaas plays a key role in the development of new cutting-edge technologies within the plastic surgery industry. As a result, she also prides herself in using these new devices to ensure that her patients leave her clinic with the aesthetic outcome that they have been longing for. With the help of Piezo in NYC, she can continue to offer her patients excellent results in addition to increased healing time and lower postoperative pain.

The Benefits of Piezo

Piezo is a versatile device used by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Halaas at her state-of-the-art practice in New York. This new technology allows her to perform quicker and more effective cuts during surgery, enabling her to protect the soft tissue in the area being treated. This, in turn, leads to minimal bone sacrifice as well as thinner and more exact osteotomies. Thanks to the ultrasonic micro-vibrations, Piezo makes bone surgery safer and more precise.

Additionally, Piezo in New York is easier to handle than other devices thanks to its touch screen display and external irrigation system. The technology also promotes quicker healing as the ultrasonic vibrations reduce inflammation on the bone’s surface. This leads to improved results with a lower risk of complications. Patients also experience a decrease in post-operative pain, as the incision is less invasive and produces less tissue damage.

What Procedures Can Piezo Be Used For?

Piezo in NYC can be used for various facial plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Halaas uses this device for the following forms of surgery:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Facial feminization
  • Genioplasty (chin augmentation)
  • Angle osteotomy (softening of the jaw)
  • Forehead reshaping and remodeling

Achieve Your Aesthetic Goals With Dr. Halaas

Thanks to her advanced education and continuous training, Dr. Halaas is one of the leading experts in complex surgical procedures such as rhinoplasty and other facial surgical procedures. She is on the advisory board of some of the leading companies in the aesthetic industry because of her advanced knowledge in both the science and clinical aspects of plastic surgery. Moreover, her office regularly participates in clinical trials to ensure that she remains one of the most advanced plastic surgeons in the New York area, providing patients with the best possible results.

Why Choose Dr. Halaas for Your Treatment

As an internationally sought after facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Halaas’ primary concern is to use the latest science and technology to safely and effectively improve her patients’ well-being. With the help of her highly trained team, she works closely with all of her patients to ensure that they receive the best treatment plan for their needs. To find out more about how Dr. Halaas can help you reach your aesthetic goals, contact us today.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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