Whether experiencing loose skin due to aging or weight loss, you can find a solution with Dr. Yael Halaas, a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon in New York. Dr. Halaas is proud to offer clients effective, natural looking skin tightening treatments with Viora Medical Solutions’ advanced RF technology.

Viora Skin Tightening Solution in NYC

Dr. Yael Halaas is a Manhattan based facial plastic surgeon whose specialties include cosmetic surgery to help her patients from New York and beyond look their best. She uses Viora Medical Solutions’ non-invasive devices, such as V-Series, to help tighten patients’ skin, reduce body fat, lighten dark skin marks, and remove unwanted hair.

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How Viora’s CORE Technology helps cut fat and tighten skin

Viora’s CORE technology found in the handheld V-FORM device uses Channeling Optimized RF Energy to help patients increase collagen production and to make their connective tissue stronger, which rejuvenates and tightens sagging skin. Over time, collagen is naturally lost, but by using targeted distinct radio frequency channels (0.8MHz, 1.7MHz, 2.45MHz, and more) and combining them, Dr. Halaas is able to treat multiple skin layers, resulting in rejuvenated looking skin.

This non-invasive and non-surgical technology helps to reduce fat cells by affecting adipose and papillary tissues. This results in tighter, refreshed skin with no downtime.

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Reduce cellulite, acne and contour your face and body with Viora

The CORE technology used by Viora is virtually painless, with some patients describing the feeling of the treatment as akin to a rubber band flicking the skin. Others feel little to no discomfort.

Patients in NY and beyond are Viora to, such as acne reduction, hair removal, skin lightening, and more, which the CORE technology addresses. The precision RF treatment allows Dr. Halaas to target problem areas on the face - such as the forehead region, frown lines, and the jaw - as well as offer body contouring. The comfortable treatment undergone in New York includes skin resurfacing and stretch mark reduction as well.

Visit NYC for your Viora V-FORM treatment and more

Viora Medical Solutions’ V-FORM option can target trouble spots on the face and body, including fine lines and wrinkles on the face to targeted fat on the tummy, hips, thighs and buttocks region. Even common areas such as the “Mommy wave bat wings” on the backs of the upper arms can be treated with the versatile V-FORM hand device.

Viora technology in NYC: CORE, SVC, and PCR

Upon visiting New York for your targeted radio frequency treatment discovered in the patented CORE technology, you can learn about the innovative technology in the company’s SVC and PCR treatments as well. The vacuum assisted SVC treatments - as well as Viora’s PCR™ (PulseConfiguRythm™) technology - includes light technology to remove hair, treat acne, address skin pigmentation issues, vascular lesions and more. This allows us to treat all skin types.

Book a consultation with Dr. Yael Halaas, a top New York City cosmetic surgeon, to learn all the benefits of the Viora treatment. With extensive experience in surgical treatments such as facelifts, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgeries and more, Dr. Halaas can guide you to the best solution for your specific issues -- from hair restoration to dermal fillers and more.

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