Dr. Halaas is a double board-certified female plastic surgeon in New York. With pride, she announces that you can now choose a Non-invasive Mommy Makeover in Manhattan, New York. In her luxurious Manhattan Skin Studio, she combines innovative non-invasive beauty treatments with the latest technology. She understands the need for gentle feminine care and body confidence and dedicates her skills and latest techniques to ensure results you can feel comfortable with.

Non-invasive Mommy Makeover in Manhattan

A Mommy Makeover focuses on all the body parts that were impacted by the pregnancy and child birthing. In general, this would be the belly, buttocks, thighs, waistline, and intimate area. Due to the rapid development of non-invasive aesthetic technology, there are more options to choose from. It is not always necessary to undergo surgery to tighten your skin, lose fat and get back into shape. At Skin Studio in Manhattan, Dr. Halaas works with three effective non-invasive treatments to reshape your body with a Non-invasive Mommy Makeover in Manhattan: Empsculpt, Vanquish, and Votiva.

Emsculpt - Tones abdomens and buttocks

By utilizing high intensity focused electromagnetic fields, Emsculpt restores natural body contours without surgery or downtime. This comfortable, painless treatment sculpts body contours and tightens muscles in problematic areas, such as the abdomen and buttocks. Emsculpt is the only FDA-approved device that both tightens the muscle layer and reduces fat.

This New York treatment produces beautiful results for Manhattan and Westchester moms as part of a non-invasive Mommy Makeover.

  • Visible results in just 4 Emsculpt treatments
  • Tightens inner abdominal muscles
  • Reduces fat in problematic areas
  • Contours abdomens and buttocks without surgery
  • Assists in narrowing the rectus diastasis.

You can choose an Emsculpt treatment as part of a Non-invasive Mommy Makeover in Manhattan or separately. Schedule a consultation to find out which treatment would meet your needs.

Vanquish - Non-surgical fat reduction

Many new moms suffer from Increased fat levels and a lack of feminine body contours. Vanquish is a revolutionary solution for non-invasive fat reduction. This New York treatment uses efficient laser technology to liquefy without touching the skin. The high-tech sensors can detect the fat levels in your body and target them with a customized level of energy. Without the need for surgery, the body naturally flushes the dead fat cells. The results are a tighter abdominal area and a well-defined waistline. Clothes will fit better and feminine contours will be much better in shape.

  • Tighter abdominal area and loss of inches
  • Reculpting waistline by improving love handles
  • Tighter, contoured thighs

Votiva - Gentle Feminine Care

Natural birth will change your vagina and may lead to functional and aesthetical issues. Votiva is a safe, non-invasive treatment for internal and external vaginal health. By use of Radio Frequency technology the function and appearance of the vaginal area are improved, such as loosened vaginal canal, laxity of the labia, weakened vaginal muscles, vaginal dryness, mild incontinence, and reduced sensitivity. Many Votiva patients in Manhattan and Westchester notice skin tightening results immediately after the first treatment. Votiva is a gentle treatment and you may expect little to no downtime. Common results of a New York Votiva Treatment:

  • tighter vaginal canal
  • increased blood circulation
  • Enhanced vaginal sensitivity
  • firmer vaginal lips

Book a consultation: Non-invasive Mommy Makeover in Manhattan

Do you want to sculpt your body after childbirth without the need for surgery? A Non-invasive Mommy Makeover in Manhattan might be an effective solution for you. Based on your personal situation and desired results the Empculpts, Vanquish and Votiva treatments can be combined. Dr. Halaas is a double-board certified NYC specialist in anti-aging procedures and surgical and non-surgical solutions. she uses the latest technology for non-invasive treatments to achieve the most comfortable treatment and effective results for her Manhattan and Westchester patients. Book a consultation today.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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