Non-invasive Skin Tightening with ThermiSmooth250 in NYC

ThermiSmooth250, by ThermiAesthetics, is a versatile temperature-controlled treatment that can tighten skin and contour areas of the body. A non-invasive alternative to injectable fillers and surgery, ThermiSmooth250 uses radio frequency (RF) technology to revitalize the skin’s surface.


Reduce Wrinkles, Improve Skin Laxity, and Smooth Cellulite

ThermiSmooth250 is a unique treatment that can address multiple issues and be performed on all areas of the body. ThermiSmooth250 has been shown to effectively:

Rejuvenate the Skin

  • Diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and mouth
  • Firm up the chin and neck area
  • Tighten loose, sagging skin associated with significant weight loss
  • Reduce eyelid laxity
  • Smooth wrinkled skin around the knees

Contour the Body

  • Minimize skin dimpling due to cellulite
  • Improve areas with stubborn fat (saddle bags, belly pooch, mid-back, and upper arms)
Yael Halaas MD

How ThermiSmooth250 Works

As we age, our bodies naturally produce less collagen, the substance that gives our skin its elasticity. As a result, our skin loses its ability to “bounce back,” leading to fine lines and lax skin. Radiofrequency treatment delivers heat to the dermis to stimulate the production of new collagen. When the thermal energy penetrates the tissue, collagen contracts (tightens), encouraging new collagen growth and the rejuvenation of the skin’s structure.

On cellulite. In the case of “orange peel” skin, the dimples we see are the result of columns of “swollen” fat cells. Swollen fat cells inhibit optimal blood flow, leading to a puckering, or surface unevenness. Heat energy from radiofrequency reduces the fat cells, thus improving blood flow. The result is smoother, more contoured skin. To treat cellulite, higher temperatures are used.

Your ThermiSmooth250 Treatment with Dr. Halaas in New York

Because the ThermiSmooth250 is a non-surgical procedure, no anesthesia is needed. Dr. Yael Halaas will prepare the treatment area by applying a lubricating gel to the skin. This enables the specially designed handpiece to glide over the treatment area. Dr. Halaas will then gently move the ThermiSmooth250 device over the surface of the skin in a slow, consistent motion. As this is done, the device will heat the tissue below the skin’s surface. The ThermiSmooth250 device comes with different-sized applicator tips, which determine how deeply the radio frequency can penetrate. By choosing the appropriate applicator tip, Dr. Halaas can precisely control the delivery of heat and maximize effectiveness. Treatment time varies, depending on the area of the body being treated. In general, a single treatment takes about an hour and, in all cases, no downtime is required.

Yael Halaas MD

Your ThermiSmooth250 Results with Dr. Halaas in NYC

Most patients can see some results within a couple of weeks, but the main results will be visible in about 3 months, after the collagen stimulation process has fully kicked in. For best results, Dr. Halaas recommends having 4 treatments, scheduled over the course of 2-3 weeks.

Your Skin Tightening Consultation with Dr. Halaas in New York

If you are interested in improving the texture of your skin, contact Dr. Halaas for a full consultation. Based on the overall condition of your skin and your aesthetic goals, Dr. Halaas can recommend the best treatment plan for improving your appearance.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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