Improve Smile Lines With Restylane Silk in Nyc

As we age, our skin loses elasticity, leading to the increased appearance of wrinkles. For those wishing to smooth fine, deep lines around the mouth (known as perioral wrinkles) and reverse the appearance of thinning lips, temporary facial fillers can help give the skin a youthful boost. But with all the dermal filler options available, what is the best filler for the mouth area?

In the world of injectable fillers, Restylane Silk stands out. Part of the hyaluronic acid-based family of facial fillers, Restylane Silk has been designed with an additional level of refinement: it is specially formulated to subtly enhance the mouth area. Moreover, Restylane Silk is the only injectable approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to specifically treat wrinkles and lines around the mouth.

The advantage of Restylane Silk rests in its composition and consistency. Restylane Silk injectable gel is:

  • Optimized to treat the mouth area. Restylane Silk consists of small, smooth particles. The clear gel formula and reduced particle size allow Restylane Silk to be injected smoothly and precisely, which aids in giving softer, natural-looking results.
  • Non-animal based. Hyaluronic acid, the volume restoring ingredient, is a naturally-occurring substance found in our bodies. Because the active agent is not foreign to our bodies, there is no need for pre-treatment allergy testing.
  • Formulated with a local anesthetic. Restylane Silk contains a small amount of lidocaine, a mild anesthetic that helps reduce discomfort during the injection process.

Before & After

Your Restylane Silk Treatment With Dr. Yael Halaas In Nyc

A Restylane Silk treatment is a straightforward, quick procedure. During your appointment, Dr. Yael Halaas will use an ultrafine needle to inject the gel into the skin, gently erasing the wrinkles and folds around your mouth. Treatments usually last 30 minutes to an hour and can be performed during a lunchtime appointment.

Because Restylane Silk treatment is non-invasive, no downtime is needed and the side effects associated with the process are minimal. Patients commonly experience temporary swelling, mild tenderness, and minor redness or bruising. These symptoms can often be alleviated with a cold compress and, typically, all side effects subside within a week or two.

Your Restylane Silk Results With Dr. Halaas, Nyc

Dr. Halaas works with intricacy, carefully calibrating the amount of Restylane Silk gel she administers during the injection. The result is a natural-looking facial rejuvenation that does appear excessive or exaggerated. Patients can usually expect to see some effects immediately after treatment, with the most visible signs of improvement appearing within two weeks. Most patients enjoy the benefits of a Restylane Silk treatment for at least 6 months.

Your Restylane Silk Consultation With Dr. Halaas In New York

Safe and relatively effortless, temporary dermal fillers are a popular alternative to cosmetic surgery. If you would like to know if a Restylane Silk treatment is the right solution for you, contact Dr. Halaas at her New York office for a consultation. Dr. Halaas will evaluate your skin and determine the most effective cosmetic treatment to volumize and restore your skin.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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