Morpheus 8, a body-wide fractional
treatment, is available at Dr. Halaas’
practice, one of the most innovative
cosmetic facilities that treats patients
in New York.

Morpheus 8 Fractional Treatment in New York

What is Morpheus 8?

Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Yael Halaas is excited to be one of the first in NYC to offer Morpheus 8 to her patients – a new device that combines radiofrequency energy and micro-needling to penetrate deep into the skin and can be compared to fractional lasers in terms of results but with less risk of hyperpigmentation and safety for use on the entire face, body and neck. Morpheus 8 is the newest treatment released by one of the most innovative aesthetic device companies in the market, Inmode Aesthetic Solutions. This technology allows Dr. Halaas to create an individualized treatment plan to address facial and body areas that need to be significantly tightened and smoothed. With a Morpheus 8 treatment at our Manhattan or Westchester office, Dr. Halaas can rejuvenate your look with a younger looking contour.

How Does Morpheus 8 Work?

A Morpheus 8 treatment by Dr. Halaas is designed to noticeably firm the skin by sending penetrating waves through to its deepest layers to achieve a tighter look. As implied by its name, Morpheus 8 essentially allows Dr. Halaas to “morph” or transform the appearance of loose skin around the face, neck, and body in an artistic way. By deeply stimulating the production of collagen in the dermis (deeper layer of the skin), Dr. Halaas will give your neck more structure and your face a “mini” lift without a surgery. The treatment is painlessly delivered after only 30 minutes of topical numbing cream. Benefits can be noticed as soon as a few days after treatment but improve with time, The treatments have only about one day of downtime and can be repeated monthly if desired.

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Morpheus8 by InMode Animation

Benefits of Morpheus 8

  • A Morpheus 8 treatment at our New York City and Westchester offices is minimally-invasive, as the handheld device is used only on the external surface of the dermis.
  • Through Morpheus 8, Dr. Halaas is able to give your skin a more uniform look without damaging its outer layers.
  • The fractional resurfacing technology will re-stimulate your skin’s production of collagen while smoothing its texture
  • Morpheus 8 may be recommended by Dr. Halaas to patients who consider surgical facelift, but who do not have enough wrinkling or facial sagging to justify a surgery.
  • With no incisions or surgical trauma, downtime and recovery are quite minimal.

Your Morpheus 8 Treatment by Dr. Halaas

Dr. Halaas, MD, FACS, is a board-certified NYC facial plastic surgeon who is considered one of the leading figures in cutting-edge cosmetic technologies merging the powerful tools of science and surgery together with beauty. She is recognized for her enthusiasm for providing only the best in patient care. Dr. Halaas will take the time to listen to you and examine your concern areas carefully before suggesting a customized treatment plan that may include Morpheus 8 treatment. She explains to patients what to expect from consultation through recovery. Patients are numbed before treatment to ensure a pain-free experience. The entire team at Dr. Halaas’ office share this patient-centric approach.

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Dr Halaas demonstrates the Morpheus 8 procedure at her New York City office

Am I a Candidate for Morpheus 8?

As a next-generation, innovative contouring device that has undergone considerable testing, Morpheus 8 was found to be safe to use on virtually all skin types and skin tones. Ideal candidates are patients in good overall health who want to tighten facial or body skin without surgery. If you think you may benefit from a Morpheus 8 procedure by Dr. Halaas, or if you want to learn more about the treatment, we encourage you to set up a time to visit one of our offices in Westchester or NYC and evaluate your candidacy in person.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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