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Juvederm FAQ

Q i would like to accentuate my lips. is there a specific filler that will best achieve this end result? i am a 33-year-old female living in the borough of manhattan county in new york state.

It has been my experience Juvederm Ultra and Restylane tend to provide the best results for lip enhancement. A natural look and results lasting 6-8 months can be achieved with these hyaluronic fillers.

Q after having juvederm and botox injections when can i start my normal daily routines including riding my motorcycle and exercising? i live in the suburbs of new york city and am a female 33 years of age.

Following Juvederm and Botox treatment there are not any severe limitations on your activities. I would recommend not touching the treated areas and also not going to the gym that same day. For the week prior to the injections as well as two days after I would avoid ibuprofen, aspirin, vitamin E and omega fish oil to minimize bruising. Otherwise you are able to go right back to work and that is why these are referred to as “lunch time” treatments.

Q can juvederm add volume to sunken cheeks?

Yes, Juvederm works very well as a cheek filler, but you’ll need injections every four to six months. For longer lasting results you could use Juvederm Ultra Plus, which lasts nine to ten months. Then there is Radiesse, which lasts ten to 12 months and Sculptra, which lasts two years. You should also consult with your doctor to see if cheek implants are a permanent surgical option for you.

Q can i reuse my juvederm syringe?

It may sound like a good idea for your skin and to save you money but I do not recommend reusing a syringe. Once a syringe is injected it is no longer sterile and there is a greater possibility of contamination. If you are experiencing lumps, they could be swelling from the injection. Swelling should resolve within ten days. I recommend that you wait until the second week post-injection and if you are still unhappy that you return to your doctor.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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