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Items to Stock Up on for Your Rhinoplasty Recovery

What Happens After the Procedure?

Rhinoplasty is one of the more complicated plastic surgeries due to the contrasting changes that are done to the bone and cartilage of your nose. You will need to plan your recovery, for it will take up to two weeks for the after-effects to diminish and your body to heal.  Nose reshaping surgery makes significant changes to the bone and cartilage of the nose, it will take some time for the body to heal and adjust to these changes. The swelling and bruising should be gone after two weeks, but it will take up to a year for your nasal contour to fully solidify.

What You’ll Need:

You will be bandaged and splinted for about a week following the surgery. The first 24 hours will be the toughest; it is recommended to lie in bed with your head elevated; a pillow will do. You will also need napkins for the bleeding that is common to occur in the first 48 hours, but DO NOT blow your nose, this will greatly worsen the results of your rhinoplasty.

Stock up on cold compresses to partially relieve you from pain and swelling. Ask your doctor about pain medicine, it can also be used to prevent an infection. Get all your prescriptions for antibiotics and sleeping aids.

Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated, which is key to maintaining health and you’ll need this especially during your healing process.  Eat soft foods and foods rich in vitamin E, C and iron. You can use a food processor to puree your foods and sauce for moistening the food.

Depending on your preference of weather, you may need a humidifier or fan.

The Role of Your Surgeon

Be sure to talk to Dr. Halaas about any specific concerns or questions about recovering from your rhinoiplasty. Plan out the two weeks of post-surgery recovery beforehand and make sure you obtain the above materials before your surgery as well. You will need to avoid demanding physical activity for about two weeks., so get as much bed rest as possible.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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