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How Hair Transplants Can Improve Migraines

If you’re seeking relief for migraines, you’re not alone. Over 38 million adults in the United States suffer from recurring migraines. It’s easy to see how Neograft hair transplants can boost confidence by giving patients a full head of hair, but did you know FUE hair restoration with leading NYC hair restoration specialist Dr. Halaas also has the potential to cure migraines?

A studies have shown that hair transplants can relieve migraines and help put an end to migraine related symptoms such as nausea, throbbing and sensitivity that interfere with daily life. Researchers have found hair implants in bald or thinning migraine sufferers may be an alternative to using medications for migraine treatment. Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Yael Halaas has over 17 years of experience providing hair transplants and hair restoration to clients affected by hair loss.

What is a Migraine?

While the exact cause of migraines is difficult to pinpoint, they are linked to genetics and tend worsen by hyperactivity in the brain. More than 13 % of Americans are affected by this neurological disease, which results in a lessened quality of life and is responsible for lost days at work due to debilitating symptoms. Men and women who experience acute or chronic migraines may suffer side effects such as upset stomach, throbbing pain one on side of the head, sensitivity to light or blurred vision.

Ending Hair Loss (Alopecia) and Migraines with One Treatment

New studies suggest a way to get rid of migraines without having to raid your medicine cabinet. Recently, evidence has been found that hair transplants can cure migraines. If you suffer from both migraines and hair loss, FUE hair restoration could significantly reduce pain associated with migraines. Studies show that as the hair restoration expert cuts into the scalp, nerves and sensory tissue are severed. Once healed and regenerated, these nerves and sensory tissue are less likely to cause migraine symptoms. The new and improved neural pathways created by FUE hair transplants are a promising way to end migraine pain once and for all.

FUE Hair Transplants in NYC

During the follicular unit excision (FUE) process, Dr. Halaas employs a small circular punching tool to harvest individual groups of hair follicles. The harvested hair grafts are then planted in recipient sites to emulate the natural direction of hair growth and reestablish your hairline. Leading NYC hair restoration expert Dr. Halaas regularly performs FUE hair transplants to ease migraine pain with outstanding results and minimal recovery time.

Why Choose Dr. Halaas for Migraine Relief?

The top hair transplant surgeon in New York, Dr. Halaas uses Neograft, the latest non-invasive technology for hair loss. She is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in advanced hair restoration procedures and performs FUE hair transplants with an artistic view at her Manhattan office. With a thorough understanding of facial anatomy, hair restoration specialist Dr. Halaas is well versed in the medical and aesthetic treatment of hair loss. We encourage you to contact our office soon to book your hair transplant consultation.

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