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While there may be a handful of Hollywood actors that look great bald or nearly bald, this is not representative of the majority of people that experience hair loss. This widespread condition affects both men and women, with two-thirds of all men and one-fifth of all women experiencing a hair loss condition. Reasons for hair loss vary, including hormonal changes, diet, poor circulation and genetics. Anyone that has experienced this condition knows just how frustrating it can be. The good news, if you are not completely bald, is that hair restoration may just be what you need to restore your self-image and confidence. You can find out more in our New York City office.

Hair restoration surgery in New York is ideal for both men and women seeking to restore hair growth. The procedure involves the most advanced micro-graft techniques. Local anesthesia can be used, and any scarring that results is covered by the new hair growth. Whether you are losing hair on the back of the head, on top, or have a receding hairline, this surgery can turn back the clock and help give you the hair you had when you were 20. Having a doctor you can trust is essential when seeking hair restoration surgery. Dr. Halaas has helped many people restore their confidence through this surgery. Take the first step to a new you; arrange for a consultation to see what this surgery can do for you. Dr. Halaas knows how important hair replacement can be to your self-confidence.

Did you know you can also have hair transplants to your eyebrows, Dr. Halaas is a leading provider of Eyebrow Transplants.

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