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Get Your Eyebrows Back!

With models and celebrities brazenly embracing thick brows, the on-going trend is clear: bold, striking brows not only add an alluring depth to the eyes, they can be the defining feature that frames a face and sets it apart. (Model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne’s magnetism can be almost entirely mapped to her signature brows. And Lily Collins’ big brows? They have launched a thousand how-to tips.) So what is it about ample brows that has us thinking twice about tweezers?

model with thick brows

Although popularized by some indisputably eye-catching faces, the aesthetic appeal of having a distinctive pair of full, voluminous eyebrows goes beyond being attuned to the latest, coveted look. A set of stunning brows can accentuate your eyes and make your face appear more youthful. Over-tweezed and penciled-in brows can be harsh; bushier brows tend to create a softer frame, resulting in a more relaxed expression.


For those graced with luxurious brows, maximizing the bold brow effect can be a relatively simple matter of grooming and shaping techniques. But what if your brows are not lusciously thick to begin with – or fail to grow altogether? Needless to say, when you have little to work with it can be a frustrating, even futile, quest to achieve those fetchingly dense brows. Cosmetics – such as brow powders and pencils

– fade over the course of the day, can smudge with a hint of moisture and disappear entirely with the inadvertent rub of the forehead.  And though they sound promising, growth serums and gels cannot address true, deep follicle damage that prevents hair from forming. In short, brow products and make- up can temporarily touch up the brows, but they stop short of offering the most satisfying solution: real growth.


The best – and permanent – way to give your brows a sensational boost is an  eyebrow transplant. Whether your eyebrows are naturally sparse, scant due to years of over-plucking, or have thinned as the result of the natural aging process, an eyebrow transplant can put bold, lush eyebrows within your reach. A restorative eyebrow transplant has many benefits, including:


  • Natural growth. With an eyebrow transplant, regrowth is stimulated by using your own hair follicles.
  • Simplified beauty. Go to the gym, take a swim. An eyebrow transplant will allow you to minimize, in some cases eliminate, the repetitive daily routine of applying eyebrow powers, pencils, and other products.
  • Confidence. An eyebrow transplant can dramatically transform the balance of your facial features. Not only will your brows be restored, so will your confidence.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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