Posted by Dr. Halaas | on June 18, 2013 »

I am 52 and I have really thin skin. The areas around my temples have lost fat and are really sinking in. I would like my temple area to regain its fullness but I don’t want it to be lumpy. Someone recommended Radiesse as a good option. Do you know if Radiesse or any other filler is good for injecting around the temples area?


For injecting the temple area I would recommend the use of Sculptra. It is an excellent filler option for the temple area and one I use frequently on my patients. It is also used for patients with temporal wasting from HIV lipostrophy. Since Sculptra uses a more advanced injection technique I recommend you choose a physician who is skilled and experienced with injecting the temporal area. Patients are pleased with the results from Sculptra. Best of luck!

Written by Dr. Halaas

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