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CO2 Laser FAQ

I have acne scarring and about a month age i had fractional co2 laser therapy to rid myself of these scars. when will the residual redness and dents heal and will i be left with no apparent scars? i am a 30 year old woman living and working in manhattan, new york.

When Fractional CO2 provides the energy pulse to your scarred areas it stimulates the growth of new collage. With this growth of new collagen your skin is essentially rejuvenating and renewing itself. As your skin renews itself the conditions you describe will gradually resolve over the course of a few months. Expecting to see results after only a month is too short a period of time. You, of course, should speak with your doctor providing the treatment.

I have deep wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. is there any way to get results with only one treatment?

The Ultra Pulse Encore laser addresses deep wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, aggressively and effectively, producing dramatic results in just one treatment session.

With a facelift is there a lot of postoperative pain?

Surprisingly no, most patients report little to no pain. However you may experience moderate pain during the recovery period caused by the swelling and bruising, which you will have pain medication to help reduce. Cold, malleable compresses, like frozen peas, and staying elevated help to relieve the swelling and pain. Herbal supplements like Arnica can help to minimize the bruising.

Can a co2 laser treat my deep wrinkles and sunspots?

Yes, the CO2 laser treats moderate to deep wrinkles and also addresses discoloration at the same time. By creating a controlled superficial peel, you get an improvement in skin tone and imperfections with minimal downtime.

How does the fractional activefx laser work?

A high-energy beam targets wrinkles and scars to smooth out lines and removes brown spots and pigmentation. It is called a fractional laser because only a “fraction” of the skin’s area is targeted, so there is still some untouched skin resulting in an accelerated healing time.

Why are the ultra plus encore laser treatments sometimes called “the microscopic facelift?”

The Ultra Plus Encore laser treatment is an aggressive treatment that offers dramatic results in only one session. You get the benefits of a facelift with minimal downtime.

How fast can you see results?

Results are typically immediate and will progressively continue to improve for about six months after a treatment.

How does the ultra plus co2 laser work?

The Ultra Plus CO2 laser sends thousands of laser pulses over the skin in a specific pattern that targets a column of tissue. The heat from the pulses eliminates discoloration and stimulates collagen development.

How long do results last with the activefx treatments?

With great skin care, results of the ActiveFX laser can last for several years.

What is recovery like after activefx treatments?

During recovery from the ActiveFX treatments, patients often experience warmth, comparable to sunburn, that is treated with a gentle moisturizing and washing regimen. After about two days the skin will begin peeling, and after four to seven days you can cover any residing symptoms with makeup. After about a week, the pink discoloration will fade.

How long do activefx treatments take?

ActiveFX treatments take about 20 minutes to complete, but could take longer depending on the patient’s needs.

How much downtime is there with the ultra pulse encore laser?

The great thing about the Ultra Pulse Encore laser is the minimal downtime and risk with dramatic results. Downtime is only about seven to ten days!

Written by Dr. Halaas

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