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Chin Augmentation Procedure

There are many reasons people want to change the appearance of their chin. The chin is one of the key features of the face. Perhaps they were born with a chin they feel is too small or with a dimple known as a cleft chin. Perhaps as the result of aging or weight loss or gain the skin under the chin has lost its elasticity and begun to sag creating the appearance of a double chin. Perhaps their chin appears fine until they tilt their head down or the bottom jaw is lowered and there is skin drooping.


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Chin Augmentation Procedure - before treatment photo - patient 1


Chin Augmentation Procedure - after treatment photo - patient 1


For whatever reason a person would like the appearance of their chin changed, this can be accomplished with chin augmentation procedure cosmetic plastic surgery.

With the appearance of the chin being too small and not in harmony with other facial features, the chin can be enhanced with an implant. A man with a small chin may want a more pronounced and stronger appearance while a small chin on a woman may cause her nose to appear larger.

For the appearance of a double chin caused by weight gain or loss or the face maturing and muscles losing their elasticity, the excess fatty tissue under the chin can be surgically removed and the loose skin and muscles tightened.

Chin Augmentation NYC

For the maturing face, the chin can be lifted and supported to create a more youthful appearance.

A man with a weak chin can have it enhanced and a woman can have her chin reduced if she feels it is too prominent.

When a patient contacts Dr. Yael Halaas for a consultation regarding chin augmentation NYC a change in the appearance of their chin, she will discuss the look the patient is wishing to accomplish and ensure the patient has realistic expectations.

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Chin Implant with FaceTite in NYC

Digital imaging plays an important role in helping guide the patient as to the appropriate changes. By utilizing the latest technology of digital photographic analysis, Dr. Halaas will create an image of how the changes will look from the front and the side of the face. Most of us rarely see our profile and this imaging enables the patient that view with the anticipated changes.

A Facial Plastic Surgeon located in New York City, Dr. Halaas is well regarded by her professional community for her expertise to create or restore natural-appearing changes to all areas of the face including the nose, eyes, ears, lips as well as the chin.

Contact Dr. Halaas for chin implants in NYC for those changes you are thinking about and permit her to do for you what she has done for so many other satisfied patients.

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Chin Implants

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