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Browlift FAQ

Will i have a surprised look?

The goal of surgery today is to have a natural look. Patients should look refreshed and rejuvenated not frightening or frightened. During your initial consultation, you will be able to discuss your concerns and expectations. The key is to feel comfortable that your surgeon and you share the same vision.

How many days off from work do i need?

To recover comfortably, take 10 days off from work. After the first few days you will be able to work from home but another 5-7 days will be needed to have the most obvious swelling and bruising disappear.

If i have a brow lift will there be visible scars, and if not, where is the incision performed so they will not show? I am 56 years of age, female and currently living in richmond county, new york.

Brow lift incisions are usually very well hidden so that no one will be any wiser to your procedure. Depending on the approach decided upon by your surgeon, the incisions are made on either side of your temples about 1-2 inches into your hairline or laterally across the scalp, 1 -2 inches into your hairline. Again, the incisions are usually invisible to others.

When dysport is injected for the temporary relief of the appearance of severe creases across my forehead will my other facial muscles in the area still work – will my eyebrows still move? I am woman 49 years of age living in kings county, new york.

While Dysport is indeed a paralytic, it will not completely halt movement in all areas of the face. The only areas affected are the areas directly injected and a very minimal area surrounding the injection site. Typically there is still movement of the eyebrows, although to ensure a natural appearance always seek out a board certified facial plastic surgeon for your Dysport treatments.

Written by Dr. Halaas

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