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Blepharoplasty in NYC

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, helps to rejuvenate the droopy and sagging eyelids. Dr. Halaas specializes in blepharoplasty in NYC. The eyes are a window to the soul and the first feature people tend to notice. So when your eyelids begin to droop and show fine lines—as often happens with age, because of your genes, or after years of sun exposure and habits such as smoking—you can look older, tired, even sad. Hundreds of thousands of people have discovered one of the most powerful ways to restore a refreshed, rested, youthful look. It’s blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery in NYC, now one of the most popular cosmetic procedures among men and women alike because of its amazing results. This surgical procedure, sometimes called an “eye lift,” removes loose muscle, fat and skin from the upper and/or lower lids to make eyes look more open and alert, brightening the whole face. Think about how many times each day people look you in the eye. Think about how much more confident you will feel returning their gaze knowing your eyes are at their very best. To complete the youthful makeover, patients who seek blepharoplasty in NYCoften choose to get skin resurfacing, a brow lift or a full-face lift as well. A successful surgical procedure starts with a qualified, trusted medical practitioner. Dr. Halaas is board-certified with the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery and has a full portfolio of patients happy with their results. Start your journey to a more youthful look by meeting Dr. Halaas for a consultation. Learn what eyelid surgery in New York City can do for you.

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Initial Blepharoplasty Consultation

Before performing your blepharoplasty, Dr. Halaas will meet with you in her NYC clinic to discuss what you’d like to see improved, whether it’s droopy upper lids, puffy lower lids, crow’s feet (“laugh lines”) or some combination thereof. She will then do a detailed eye examination and analysis to determine the cause of these conditions—generally too much fat, not enough fat, or loose/wrinkled skin—and the best ways to remedy them. Based on your expectations and physical evaluation, Dr. Halaas will then recommend the surgical technique and amount of surgery that will provide the best outcome for you. At this time you can ask any questions you might have about risks, complications and recovery.

Types of Eyelid Surgery

  • Upper eyelid blepharoplasty—Removes droopy upper eyelid skin. In this straightforward operation, Dr. Halaas trims just the right amount of eyelid skin and excess fat needed to obtain your desired result. The incision will be hidden in the natural fold of your upper eyelid. Recovery is easy with mild bruising that subsides in several days to a week.
  • Lower eyelid blepharoplasty—Fixes sagging or puffiness of the lower eyelids. In this procedure, Dr. Halaas removes excess skin, muscle and fat and may also reposition fat and/or tighten lax muscles as needed. The incision is hidden just below the lower lashes, in natural crease lines, where it’s nearly invisible. In cases where excess fat is the main cause of sagging or bulging, the best approach may be to simply remove the fat through an incision inside the lower eyelid (this technique is called transcojunctival blepharoplasty). The procedure is sometimes accompanied by a laser treatment to tighten the lower eyelid skin.
  • Asian eyelid surgery in NYC is a unique procedure that creates a crease (epicanthal fold) of skin in the upper eyelid partially covering the inner corner of the eye. This fold is absent in approximately half of the Asian population. The artful and natural creation of this fold while respecting the patient’s ethnic considerations is key to success.

What to Expect with the blepharoplasty Procedure

With blepharoplasty, you can have local anesthesia with a mild sedative to help you relax or general anesthesia. The procedure will last 2 to 3 hours depending on what you’re having done.


After Blepharoplasty Surgery

After surgery, your eyes may feel sticky and dry and your vision may be blurry (from swelling and healing ointment), so plan to have someone take you home. Bruising and inflammation can last from a week to a month but there should be little discomfort. To minimize swelling and speed healing, apply cold compresses and keep your head upright. You may also be given eye ointments or eye drops. Expect to return 3 to 7 days after surgery to have your stitches removed (unless they’re self-dissolving). You can apply makeup to camouflage any bruising after the stitches are removed.

Detailed instructions will be provided for your aftercare eye lid surgery for patients in NYC.

Dr. Halaas is hailed by her peers, the media and professional organizations alike for her expertise and outstanding results when performing reparative or cosmetic plastic surgery. She is licensed to practice in the states of New York and New Jersey. Arrange a consultation with Dr. Halaas if you would like improvement made to your eyelids for cosmetic or medical reasons. Dr. Halaas will provide a thorough examination with evaluation and then make recommendations to restore the natural appearance of your eyelids with undetectable state-of-the art techniques and rejuvenating outcomes.

For more information about blepharoplasty in NYC, please call (212) 688-5955 or visit Dr. Halaas’ clinic to set up your no-obligation eye lid surgery consultation today.

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