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The aging process can cause unwanted facial changes. As time passes, we begin to notice skin laxity appearing where the skin was once firm and taut, and small fat pockets accumulating along the jawline, causing a lack of facial definition. 

EMFACE is a groundbreaking technology designed and proven effective with pioneering research by Dr. Yael Halaas.

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"EMFACE presents a paradigm shift in facial treatments," observes Yael Halaas, MD. "EMFACE will do for the face what Emsculpt did for the body."

Dr. Yael Halaas

What is EMFACE?

EMFACE is a groundbreaking, non-invasive facial treatment that tones and tightens the features.

Using the proven technology that revolutionalized non-invasive body contouring, BTL Aesthetics designed EMFACE especially to treat the face.

EMFACE tones the skin and underlying facial muscles, achieving sculpted, firmed lines in the facial area with the same technology that EMSCULPT and EMSCULPT NEO have used to successfully tone and tighten the body for years.

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EMFACE Treatments and Results

EMFACE treatments are short, lasting only about 20 minutes. Because there is no downtime, patients can get an EMFACE treatment during their lunch break and go right back to work or their usual activities once it’s complete.

We recommend about four EMFACE sessions for patients, although needs vary from person to person. Because EMFACE results are natural, allowing the body to restructure to skin and sculpt the lines of your face naturally, it will take 6-12 weeks before you achieve your ultimate results.

By this point, your body will have rebuilt the skin structure, and improved the quality of your facial muscles. You will be able to see the more radiant, youthful appearance of your skin, defined jawline, and overall rejuvenation.

What are the Benefits of EMFACE?

This exciting new treatment provides many benefits for patients who are looking for effective facial rejuvenation without any invasive measures. Benefits of EMFACE in NYC include the following:

  • 37% fewer wrinkles
  • 30% more muscle tone
  • 23% more lift
  • 26% increase in collagen production
  • 92.8% of patients reported improved volume in hollow facial areas
  • Needle-free and chemical-free
  • Short treatment time (20 minutes)
  • No downtime
  • Lifts the brows
  • Sculpts the jawline
  • Can be used in combination with fillers for more significant benefits
  • Achieves natural rejuvenation and a natural appearance
  • Strengthens the facial muscles
  • Achieves a smoother, more attractive skin tone and complexion
Beauitful Women Looking Sideways

Dr. Halaas Discusses EMFACE

Dr Halaas was the leading investigator for the launch of the revolutionary new EMFACE device.

How Does EMFACE Work?

EMFACE uses HIFES combined with RF (radiofrequency) skin heating, specially designed for use on the face. HIFES is an advanced and proven muscle-building technology that stimulates the muscles to contract, creating stronger, tighter, better-toned muscles in the underlying structure of the face and a more toned exterior facial appearance. When combined with RF, HIFES deeply stimulates collagen production in the face. The result is better toned, tight, firm skin and sculpted, refined facial features.

EMFACE in Westchester achieves for the face what EMSCULPT NEO achieves for the body–advanced sculpting, toning, and tightening.

Who is a Candidate for EMFACE Treatments?

EMFACE candidates are men or women who want to firm their skin and define their features to look fresher and more youthful but don’t want surgery or invasive treatment. Ideal candidates for EMFACE in NYC should meet the following requirements:

  • Are not pregnant or nursing
  • Would like to firm and tighten their face
  • Would like to lift their facial features without surgery
  • Would like to address skin laxity or hollow areas of the face

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