The Affirm Laser Anti-Aging Skin Treatments in New York

Our Anti Aging, Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Tightening Laser

We now offer one state of the art laser anti-aging treatment laser workstation which is able to give your skin complete rejuvenation with better, faster results with less pain than any other available product on the market. Our new Laser the Affirm offers wrinkle reduction, scar treatment, pigmentation and redness reduction, age spot treatment, facial rejuvenation and coagulation of tissue resulting in tighter skin for an overall fresher look. Our Affirm Laser incorporates MultiPlex technology (which targets deep layers of collagen structures for skin laxity and tightening) with Combined Apex Pulsesm (CAP) technology-the industry’s fastest laser-based energy source that targets all layers of photo damaged and aged skin. The Affirm also includes Xenon Pulsed Light (XPL) technology that has been noted to enhance clinical outcomes associated with the treatment of redness and pigmentation. The Affrim Laser anti-aging treatment should cause only minimal discomfort. Any redness, swelling or puffiness that occurs will be gone within a few days, if not a few hours.

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