Termine Concealer For
Dark Undereye Circles In NYC

Teamine Concealer for Dark Undereye Circles in NYC

Dark circles under the eyes can take a significant toll on your overall appearance. These circles detract from the softness of the eyes, and can make a person look unnecessarily tired and aged. Teamine concealer, as recommended by Dr. Yael Halaas, directly targets the blue and purple pigmentation under the eyes. Thanks to the clinically tested and doctor approved formula behind Teamine concealer, you will look instantly younger and more vibrant.

What Makes Teamine Concealer the Best Makeup for Tired Eyes

The benefits of Teamine concealer are two-fold, correcting not only dark circles but also fine lines and wrinkling concentrated under the eyes. Unlike other concealers and makeup products that are intended to simply hide dark undereye circles, Teamine concealer both covers and corrects the condition. Simply applying the formula once a day will work to counter the body’s natural aging process by re-vamping the skin’s collagen supply. You are likely to notice results in undereye puffiness or sallowness after just a short time of applying the concealer.

The specific ingredients that compose Teamine concealer make it the best treatment to simultaneously brighten the eyes and fight dark circles. It is made of the perfect combination of peptides, DHMC (most comparable to retinoid), Vitamin C, green tea, and both licorice and grape extract- each of which serves an individual purpose in the product’s effectiveness.

Why Dr. Halaas Recommends Teamine Concealer

Dr. Halaas will suggest Teamine concealer to patients with a subtle to moderate condition. The product is a great option for patients that do not want to explore more complex surgical procedures that are available and for those who are looking for the most minimally invasive treatment on the market. Upon your consultation appointment, Dr. Halaas will be able to better determine whether or not Teamine concealer would have favorable results for you. This is your time to ask any questions and address any concerns that you may have about the formula, its usage, and its effectiveness.

Dr. Halaas stands behind Teamine concealer because it is gentle and will not irritate her patients’ facial skin. The concealer is affordable and requires minimal effort, making the treatment a practical, economical solution. Finally, the skincare formula is available in three distinct colors- light, medium, and dark- so as to blend unnoticeably with your natural skin tone. Dr. Halaas will help you evaluate which color works best for you upon your visit to her NYC office.

This consultation is also the perfect time for you to discuss other options you may be exploring. If your individual needs require more than a cover-up, you may be a candidate for Restylane, Facial Fat Transfer or a Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty.

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