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Sweetcheeks Massage Mat For Cellulite

When asked to name their number one flaw, many people will place cellulite at the top of the list. Cellulite forms in the subcutaneous fatty layer, which contains fat deposits and rigid bands of connective tissue. When the fat pushes against the connective bands, it bulges out of the ‘in-between’ spaces. The result: the unsightly bumps and dips that we hate to see.

Cellulite is a condition that mainly affects women, but can be present in some men as well. Although it may be more pronounced in overweight individuals, it can be seen on thin, fit people. Cellulite is most commonly found in the buttocks, thighs and hips–and is notoriously stubborn to treat. Fortunately, there are treatments available that can vastly improve the look of dimpled and puckered skin.

Watch Video: The Cellulite Massage Mat was featured in a “Put It To The Test: Cellulite Mat” segment.Play Button

The Cellulite Massage Mat was featured in a “Put It To The Test: Cellulite Mat” segment.

New York board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Yael Halaas specializes in body contouring techniques. At her Manhattan office, she uses the most advanced technologies to smooth the skin’s texture and minimize the appearance of cellulite. She consistently achieves outstanding results with state-of-the-art non-surgical skin tightening and fat-reduction treatments such Vanquish and ThermiTight — and now she suggests SweetCheeks, a portable massage mat that can help maintain results and fight cellulite every day.

What is SweetCheeks?

The SweetCheeks Cellulite Massage Mat is a convenient, novel way to temporarily increase local circulation in the buttocks and upper thigh simply by sitting. The textured mat is designed to stimulate and manually massage the back region, smoothing out the lumps and bumps as you sit. SweetCheeks can also relieve minor muscle aches and spasms.

SweetCheeks is available in two models. The flexible version easily adapts to the body’s shape, while the rigid version can deliver a therapeutic massage through thick clothing. After use, you will notice impressions on your skin from the mat, but those will disappear within an hour, leaving you with tighter skin.

The Benefits of SweetCheeks

At the office, driving in the car, at home relaxing—we spend a large portion of our days sitting. SweetCheeks can turn that sedentary time into a cellulite-busting session. The unique mat is:

Dr. Halaas understands how frustrating it can be to take care of your body and still see the surface flaws. She also knows how a busy schedule and work demands can make it difficult to book a cellulite-reduction treatment. Using SweetCheeks for a half an hour is great way to boost increase blood flow–and your confidence. As part of her body sculpting services, Dr. Halaas recommends SweetCheeks. See how you can improve the look of your buttocks today!

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